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dixie chicks love puce!

Puce sure is getting famous.

click for larger image


Boy, the magazine's graphic artist probably burned up his computer airbrushing the chubbiness off of Natalie Maines' body.

Slightly OT: this blog was linked in the blogspot adspace at the top of Puce's page. Think he has a crush? http://www.allaboutjen.com/home.html

Puce's latest post?

"fuck all american"

You have to admit that his sentence structure is improving.

I'm starting to wonder if Puce is a doppleganger of the esteemed Reverend Mykeru, and by esteemed I mean steaming pile of donkey shit.

nonononono, Ryan... Puce wants to fuck an All-American. Can't fault anyone for that...those top athletes have major stamina.

Does it really say PUCE on her belly? Wow. The world might actually be smaller than I thought.

Can I tell d, or does someone else want to?