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puce watch

Someone has a lot of time on their hands.

I mean, the guy is fisking Puce. You have to have a really lonely life to make a hobby out of that.


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Puce and his "fisker" are one and the same, methinks ...

Methinks the same.

Ditto the above comments. Of course Puce has supposedly posted here, which means Michele has his IP address. Fess up girl, cough up the IP address and let us geeks hunt this mystery man. Im secretly hoping "he" is actually some 20something shrewd hot conservative chick who is the Trinity to my Neo.

Hey I can dream right? :-P

Oh my. Chuckle...the amusement never stops.

I think I'll create a "Who Is Puce Watch" poll on my way out of town this weekend.

Of course, Treacher will probably win that one, too.

And, personally, I don't think that Puce is a real idiot at all. Notice how he spells president...


I mean, that is quite clever ("Pretzel"...as in choking on...get it?)


And, I cannot wait to see what Puce "writes" about the Puce Watch.


"pusswach fat lardy demims cant get ladypart eat Mkdonls mustrbit rubber dickie"


I'm thinking that PuceWatch is a person of girth (or a fat bastard like me) and has taken Puce's comments just a little too personal.

Or it's the Yin to Puce's Yang.

I think Puce is Oliver Willis' bizarro twin

What's the big deal, some guy -- any guy -- made up this guy "Puce". I wouldn’t be at all surprised if PuceWatch is run by the same person.

I think I'm just about to go into puce backlash. Too much puce too quickly--he's funny as hell in moderation, but this is hitting the point of blog saturation.