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pop quiz!

So, the SARS thing.

Is it
a) just a really bad flu hyped up to catastrophic proportions by the media
b) a plague set upon the world by either terrorists, a pissed off god or aliens
c) a sure sign that the end times are coming and pretty soon people will start disappearing, leaving only the heathens to roam the earth begging for forgiveness.
d) none of the above, but I have my own theory that I will take the time to spell out for you in great paranoid detail.


i talked with my dad about this today, he would say "c" (he's a pastor) he told me this is straight out of the book of Revelations and that I need to repent NOW. I said yeah, ok dad, I've been hearing that since I was 5, it doesn't scare me anymore, uh, what was the post about again?


It's a flu, just like many flus (Spanish Flu comes to mind).

Most flus originate in Asia. This one is an especially nasty and virulent variety.

What concerns me more, however, is that people keep thinking this is hyped up. You couldn't hype this flu more. The fact that it is currently being contained is a direct result of the success of hype.

d) Just like many idiots said that AIDS was God's retribution against the gays, I think that SARS is God's retribution for the Chinese making food that leaves you hungry an hour later.


People treat the flu like it's nothing more than a few days of sick leave used. They forget that more people died from influenza during WW1 than from enemy fire.

Influenza wasn't even diagnosed until about 100 years ago. This is just the latest version, all thanks to the Chinese Health Ministry.

It's none of the above. SARS doesn't really exist, we're all being punk'd by Ashton Kutcher...

Did you know the mortality rate for SARS is 4 percent, the same as measles?

Food for thought....

4% is frightening. The Spanish Flu infected 25% of the American population. 30-40 million people died world wide. The population has more than tripled since that time. If SARS spread and it mirrored the Spanish flu, 3 million Americans would be dead in the next 90 days. There was a second outbreak of the Spanish Flu, in 1919, but containment efforts (just like we're seeing now with SARS) prevented a second wave.

If it strikes Africa, where 1 in 4 has a compromised immune system because of AIDS, the percentage dead would be even greater.


though it does spread just through the air which is a BIG difference from other bad stuff like this such as ebola.

well, it is obvously the aliens. geez people, they come here, kill us all off and then harvest the earth.

It could be a sign of the end times. If it is I'll be really pissed off because I stopped going to Mass and confession about 8 months ago.

I've always wondered if archeologists would ever dig up the ruins of our civilization, rather than being constantly examined by our uninterrupted civilization for millenia. I could never think of something so catastrophic that it would bring things to a screeching halt.

I remember when I was 10 or 11 years old and the first reports of some "gay cancer" were popping up on the news. I remember how everyone was freaking out and saying we should quarantine everyone who was infected. There were only a few thousand then, right?

Am I paranoid? Yes. Will I be going to Asia or Canada anytime soon? No. Will I buy a mask? No...well only if people in Los Angeles start coming down with this stuff,

It's the Aliens of course!! This is only the begining! They're set to invade the world and colonize us all on December 22, 2012. SARS will just weaken us all and make us more submissive to them! Beware!

C'mon, don't you people watch the X-Files?! ;)

Conditions in China lend themselves to mutant flu viruses popping up, perfectly natural. It's like that, only not a flu virus per se. IIRC it's more a cold virus gone nuclear. It's so crazily mutant, it almost looks artificial, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen naturally from a piece of another virus getting friendly with a normal coronavirus.

It's not A, because it's not an ordinary flu, and it's being hyped about right, not too much or too little. Could be B, but probably natural, but that could still be B if you blame gods for what's natural. Could be C if you're cataclysmically religious, but it probably won't become that bad because it's being hyped enough and fought with impressive vigor by smart medical and science folks.

So I guess that makes my answer D. Probably natural. Especially bad, but not 1918 flu bad, if only due to hype and modern medicine. Pay attention but don't panic. Worse than it needed to be because the Chinese were being so French- er, I mean, Chinese about it at first.

It's the scare of the month. Before this, it was smallpox, then anthrax, and way back to Alar on apples.

Mostly all bullshit.

Wash your hands a lot.

I'm in Toronto, and things are pretty freaky here. People wearing masks to grocery stores and movie theatres...

Yesterday, I overheard the cleaning lady in our office telling her husband that the latest local outbreak was centred in the church they attend. So, yeah, I'm starting to worry that she might be a carrier.

All I know is that with my weakened immune system, I could never fight anything like that. So I just sing "la la la not listening to you" when they start mentioning Florida cases on the news.


It's just time for another epidemic. We were overdue.

If SARS corpses were found to contain tiny quantities of herpetoxin, then the answer would be B.

Things that make me go hmmmmmmmm...

Acute respiratory syndrome

These outbreaks, reported to WHO from 1996 up to the present day, have been posted on Disease Outbreak News.