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3.2 planets of me, me, me

According to this survey, if everyone lived like me, we would need 3.2 planets.

Yea, but if everyone lived like me they would be 3.2 kick ass planets. And we would probably all run around half-dressed so we wouldn't use much in the way of clothing and we would eat so much meat that we wouldn't need room for all those pesky animals that are clogging up our open spaces. And we'd all be drunk so we wouldn't be driving. Mostly we would watch movies, read comic books and play strip poker.

But hey, we'd always recycle. I'm not a total cretin.

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4.5 Baby! Oops, have to run out get a gallon of mile from the store. Better take the Suburban!

Yeah, baby! It says I'd need 5.6 planets!! W00t!

Imagine how many planets would be required to sustain 5 billion Michael Moores. shudder

2.4, but I still wouldn't allow a Palestinian state on them!

Wow, 9.1 was my score, I'm a pig!

Holy shit, I guess I'm an environmental space hog. 6.7

And I shall name the planets Cool Ryan 1, Cool Ryan 2, Cool Ryan 3, Ultra Sexy Ryan, That's "Mr." Ultra Sexy Ryan and Gonad. As for the .7 planet, that's just a moon of Ultra Sexy Ryan.

5.6 here. I think it's all the packaged food I get from the convenience store that ran up my score. Go read Lileks take on this survey - hilarity.

half-dressed, meat-eating, drunk. watching movies, reading comic books and playing strip poker. yep. as long as nobody eats my dog and i don't have to drive the recycle truck, i'm there.

9.8 baby!!! 9.8!!!!!!

It's not that I drive a gas guzzler, it's because I live 45 minutes from work!

I scored 44 on something that I was supposed to be 22 on. I'm twice the ecological disaster as the norm.

Woo Hoo! Time to eat some prepackaged meat goods from Des Moines to get that puppy up to an even 10!

I'm only 2.1 planets... what am I doing wrong? What can I do to take up more space?
Something's not right:
How does my 2 BR 1 1/2 BA townhouse (shared by 2 people and a beagle) take up 1.7 ACRES of shelter? That's 74,052 SQUARE FEET! They must be counting my assigned parking space... for the OCEAN LINER that I have parked there.

I am only 1.66e-8 ( or .0000000166)% of the population (1 of 6 billion people)
the 9 ACRES they say I take up is 9.48e-9 (or .00000000948) % of the LAND AREA of the earth (9 of 94 trillion acres).
somehow, I'm getting the short end of the deal here.

Jeez, Robb, we only have nine planets in our solar system. Save one for the rest of us. You can keep Uranus though. That planet stinks.

The funny thing here, is that I believe that survey was put up to chastise us for living so un-ecologically.

Oh... I was 3.3, by the way.

These ecological footprint tests fail to take into consideration that things can be stacked. One hectare of land can be used for five hectares' worth of agriculture in a five storey building. The earth's carrying capacity is indisputably greater than it was a hundred years ago, and continues to increase.

Its a greenie fraud! When I plugged in from the US in English, with moderate inputs, I get an 8.4 (belch). BUT, if I go back and plug in that I'm a young german speaker in Nigeria, and answer that I drive my 7 member family exclusively in my gas guzzling auto, sneering at buses, on our way to eat an exotic all meat diet every day, when we aren't doing our 100 hours of annual flying, it only comes out to 3.8

Lying greenie rat bastages!

I did good, got a 9.6. Hey Robb, there ain't room in this Solar System for the both of us...guess one of us is gonna have to pack up and leave!

Oh, and speaking of surveys and comics, have ya's seen this one?

Which Superhero are you?

Which of course takes into account all of the bullshit mythology of this EcoCrap since everybody in America lives just like me and everybody in the world wants to live just like me and there's only 1 fucking planet.

Which proves they are full of shit.

Gee, I only got an 8.2...

10.2 balls of rock and a footprint of 45. I'm damn proud of it, too! I eat meat--and it tastes Good. Let's go colonize the next set of planets. The benefits from such a program will absolutely blow the greenies away with good stuff--no matter how much they whine.

10.2 balls of rock and a footprint of 45. I'm damn proud of it, too! I eat meat--and it tastes Good. Let's go colonize the next set of planets. The benefits from such a program will absolutely blow the greenies away with good stuff--no matter how much they whine.

Perry takes up so much space, he needs to post twice. Now THAT'S anti-environment.

2.6 :-D

Funny thing is, if I chose total "vegan" instead of my original choice )which was meats and eggs daily) the score jumps to 5.7!!! bleep

Yet another reason the Atkins diet is the right one ;-)

Hmm, 8.7 planets. When I can afford a gas-guzzling vintage muscle car or two, I'll keep them on that .7 planet. Or maybe I'll make that one the farthest from the sun, so I can keep a huge amount of frozen meat on it. "Honey, I'm hopping over to that last planet to get some steak for dinner."

The only thing this survey proves is the need for a strong commercial space program.

pfft. In other words, we'd need THREE areas the size of Texas to house everyone, instead of one.

Load of burbling morons.

This is an interesting survey, there is of course one (1) "right" outcome. Live like a total tree hugger, grow all your own food, walk or ride a bike everywhere and have no lights or running water in your home. oh, and use about 250 square feet per person or less. (number of people liveing in the house verses square feet of space seems to be importent.) Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the survey is so blantetly propagandist it's not funny

6.2 planets for me.


6.8 for me

I'm sure it would have been less if I used "animal power" to get around, or lived without electricity. Or, in other words, if I lived ike the Taliban.

Only 3 planets for me.

Yahda yah!

Putting in how I'd like to live, I pillaged 22.4 planets, with a 100 footprint!

Another good reason to look at a greenie and tell em - get yer ass to Mars!

Doing my part for recycling, with comment conservancy, here's what I said at Acidman's:

I rated 6.9 planets. If we need all those extra planets, we'd better hurry up and start finding them. Burt Rutan will save us!

phew! I will have someone else to live with on my 3.2 planets.

Only 8.1 planets, for me. I guess I need a bigger car, or a longer commute.

Riyadh delenda est!

15.8 planets of meat eating, car-driving, electricity using, kickass residents.

And proud of it.

I only need 5.2 planets

Dad would be ashamed of me.

I'm practically a greenie! Holy Hell! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to turn in my anti-green badge. It's obvious I crossed over...see you on the other side guys...
puts on hat, grabs briefcase, sulks out the door

9.9 planets for me. I was sure I could do better. At least 12 or 13. Must have been the "sometimes " answer when the wife is in the car with me that kept me under 10.

I wonder how much electricity that site requires. Not to mention the cabling, sattelites, building structure, and all the Starbucks coffee that was consumed during the design.

I'm sure it took up 3 or 4 planets.

And Odie, sometimes I WISH I could find another solar system to live in, but until then, we're just going to have to cut back to 4.9 planets each...

interesting...i took the quiz twice, giving the same answers both times. however, the first time i said i lived in massachusetts (which i do), and the second time i said paris france. apparently, i need about 3 more planets simply because i'm american.