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the company we keep


By now everyone knows that Galloway lived in Saddam's pocket.

Papers found in the Iraqi capital — but never expected to see the light of day — prove Galloway was an employee of Saddam’s sadistic state machine.

In return for a gigantic £375,000-a-year, stolen from the impoverished Iraqi people, this traitor toured the world’s media proclaiming the Butcher of Baghdad a kind and decent human being.

As an honoured guest, he visited Saddam last year in his bomb-proof shelter far below the surface of the Iraqi desert.

Along with offers of Quality Street chocolates, laid on to prove his love of all things British, Galloway swallowed Saddam’s claim to be the equal of wartime hero Winston Churchill.

Yet when British troops went into battle to remove this despot from power, Galloway despicably urged the Arab world to rise up and kill them.

Hey, did you know Galloway is married to Arafat's niece?


Yep. Follow the damned money. Charles has ome more about who had their fingers in the pies over at LGF.

Principaled resistance my ass. These shits were just trying to preserve the goose stepper that was laying the golden eggs.

Which makes those that weren't getting a payout look even more idiotic for listening to their lead...

Galloway should be hung. Will we soon see Annan taking heat for using his office to either skim himself or facilitate graft?

These bastards are desperately seeking a tailor that works in TEFLON cloth...

In the photo, what is that thing he's giving to Hussein? An individually-packaged pizza slice?

"An individually-packaged pizza slice?"

They have Sbarro's Pizza in Baghdad?