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ponder this

In my dream last night I was crawling up a steep incline on my hands and knees. It was tough going; the incline was at times bumpy and hard and at other times so soft that my fingers sunk into the surface.

It wasn't until Iwas halfway up that I realized I was climbing over the carcasses of dogs and pigs. Some of them were in the last throes of death. Others were in various stages of decomposition.

I grasped at the ground to find leverage so I could stand up. My fingers sunk into the skin of a barely breathing German Shepherd, his fur gone, skin exposed and rank. The dog muttered something under his breath as I dug into him and then he died.

As I tried to make my way to the top, a figure appeared on my right. It was my elderly grandfather, in his wheelchair. He was rolling over the dogs and pigs at a fast pace. He too was rotting away. His skin was falling off and the bottom half of his body had blended into the wheelchair so I couldn't tell where he ended and the wheelchair began. Everything was made of flesh.

Grandpa winked at me as he rolled past and said, I'm not doing so well myself, kiddo. And then he sped away. leaving me alone to ponder why the landscape was strewn with dead animals for as far as the eye could see. And then I heard grandpa's voice coming from somewhere at the top of the flesh mountain: They got us, Michele. They got us.


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what sort of shape were you yourself in? (whole, healthy?)

As far as I could tell, I was pretty healthy. I was just frustrated because I was trying to get to work on time.

You know, I dreamt once too.

Wondering if the concern over 'getting to work on time' isn't a key aspect of this - a lot of the rest being distractive scenery.

Not instruction, just advice: Go visit your Grandfather.

lay off the bacon and chinese food.

It means yo've been watching al-Jazeera too much. Try the History Channel for a while.

Lisa, we all should & soon!

Jefferson got the "pigs and dogs" reference.

I hope they don't get us.

Crap - that's freaky.

Too much Taco Bell before you went to bed?

Wow, that's quite a dream!

I think the closest I came to that was one in which the end of the world was about to happen (not clearly explained but I think in the form of nuking) at a certain time, and there were clocks big and small everywhere as I drove around a weirdly lit city that was nowhere I recognized, watching people react by just going on with their lives or frantically partying.

Just remember


"Faty amerikan dream mound flesh. Deth to body comes frum micdonalds, IMPEEREALIST SWYNE!"

Yikes! That's some dream you had. Very freaky.


That's a meat puppet dream. You've got meat puppet anxiety and it probably does have something to do with watching Al Jazeera or viewing too many graphic images on the internet or something. I've never had a meat puppet dream but I have had meat puppet anxiety after seeing some photos of Palestinian victims of the Jenin incident last year.

Reminds me of an old Japanese story wherein the dreamer is climbing, climbing, climbing a mountain of skulls. Only with the realization that all the skulls are those of the lives of the dreamer himself does he understand.

At least as far as I remember my Koizumi Yakumo (Lafcadio Hearn).

zed, I thought the only "Palestinian victims of Jenin" were a bunch of kids stupid enough to shoot at soldiers and set up bomb traps. The Israelis lost 1/2 as many people in Jenin as the Palestinians even with their tanks and helecopters and all. Those innocent little babies must shoot good!

Wow. In the words of Zaphod Beeblebrox....put your analyst on danger-money, baby!

Scary stuff. Scary world. But, that's life.

Great site Michele. You've got me hooked onto the blogosphere.

VERY interesting, yet very disturbing dream!