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Battle of who could care less

I can't decide which news item I care less about:

The Beverly Hills 90210 reunion movie or the fact that NYC doormen are going on strike.

Regarding the former, I'm guessing that Tori Spelling had nothing better to do so her dad whipped up this script for her.

Regarding the latter, I've got my tiny little violin out for the woman they interviewed on the news who was horrified that she may have to figure out how to open a door and push a stroller into the building at the same time all by herself. Cry me a river.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Apparently Tori Spelling is too busy making sappy Lifetime movies to be included in this reunion. But hey, Jennie Garth will be there. Get your TiVO ready!


Are you teasing me? Bev Hills reunion... when, where??

Amazingly, I read that she's "too busy" with scripts, pilots, and plays to show up. Has she even done anything since she left the school besides Co-Ed Call Girls (which the TiVo suggested it for me, I swear!)?

"Mother May I Sleep with the 90210 Reunion Cast??"

This would be the best movie ever made if it were filmed for the TEN channel.

I always get stuck in doorways with Mattie's stroller. I think it's pretty fucking funny until I realize no one is offering to help me get through.

I guess Tori didn't do too well with the "Scary Movie 2" thing, huh?

Hm. I never watched Beverly Hills - 90210, and now I will get to avoid watching the reunion movie.

You know, those of us in the rest of the country generally manage to open doors ourselves. Amazing, that, I say the doormen better be praying for my whiners like her or they can just say "nah, don't bother coming back from that strike of yours"

Thank you! That was my favorite show!! I. can't. wait!

I loved that show. I never miss the reruns. That was the best show ever. It is so much better than Dawson's Creek. There is no comparison. 90210 RULES FOREVER!!!

hey, about the doorman thing-

contrary to popular belief, these doormen aren't just there to open doors. In my building, at least, the doormen are security guys making sure that no sleazy characters get in and rob apartments and/or shoot people, and they keep things safe around here. they're the gatekeepers making the rounds of the buildings. I dont know what their jobs are in the Upper East side rowhouses and stuff, but as far as i can see, they're rather necessary.

... just saying...

Yeah, I want to second tziporra. The reason I (and most other people) pay a BIG PREMIUM to live in buildings with doorman is for the security. Yeah, there are plenty of people who live in non-doorman buildings without getting constantly assaulted, but it's a matter of degree. I am a 29-year-old reasonably healthy male, so I can take care of myself (sort of), but I still like having the security. It looks like the strike has passed, but it's true that this was never something you'd care to spend your brain cells on even if you live in a doorman building like me; the rental company was just going to hire temporary security to replace them, and that's just as good.

True, the do hold delivery packages, send up delivery guys, hold doors, etc., but that's all incidental. I could care less.

BTW - I live on the Upper East Side myself, and their purpose up here is security, too. The area is safer than some other parts of NYC but we still have more than our share of weirdos.

The "strange" thing (strange being in quotes, as you can't put any failure of logic past the media) is that the local media was making this out to be a matter of a lack of someone to hail you a taxi, etc., instead of a security issue.