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blogging news

Juan Gato has undergone a blog change operation, with excellent results.

And happy blogaversary to Meryl!

I am SO sick of the red, white and black scheme here.

New blog on the block: Crispyduck. Go visit her. Leave her a comment and welcome her to the blogging world. She reminds me of me.

Mmm...crispy duck.


Get creative!

I was about to say "get crazy," but Wind Rider already said something similar... just freak everyone out.

Maybe something pink???

If I'm not mistaken,there is a crayon in the box named "puce"or something phonetically similar.

The description of this color is pricelesshttp://www.georgette-heyer.com/puce.html

The only reference--EVER!!-- to the word "puce" that I remember is the made for tv movie entitled "Dance 'Til Dawn" circa 1988.

Maybe he meant 'Puke'?

Or, perhaps he/she meant Pube?

As for site design, don't get too crazy. I've just gotten used to opening and closing your books. I fear change.