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Oscillate you hip and don't take pity

I'm wondering if there are songs that have subliminal messages running through the music.

It must be. That's the only explanation.

See, I'm a hard music kind of girl. You know that. Metal, punk, techno, industrial - that's the kind of stuff that makes the rounds in my CD player.

So why, oh why am I addicted to both Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body
and Sean Paul's Get Busy?

Either of those songs come on and I can't help but shake my groove thang.

Bet you didn't even know I had a groove thang, did ya?

I think Puce wrote these lyrics


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I love Sean Paul.

And, I'm not sure, but I think the women in his videos actually eat something called,"food".

Maybe the fact that Justin Timberlake dumped Britney Whore increased his sex appeal, and therefore his music is more smooth to the ears as a result. Sean Paul I have no explaination for....

"Let's get it on
Let's get it on 'til a early morning
Girl it's all good just turn me on"

I open a door for a lady and I'm crapped on for being a sexist pig-like pig. A guy digs out this utter obscenity from the guttural undercurrents of our mad society, and somehow he's Prince Charming.

I just know that sometime ago, walking down the street I unwittingly walked right through a portal that sent me into this alternative universe where nothing makes sense. I can only hope I can find that portal again and return home to a more saner dimension.

Y'know, Michele, I consider myself a tough chick, which is the category that I place you in as well. So, it is atypical for me to say that I heart J. Timberlake and a totally rock out when I hear his ridiculous songs.

Okay people, please do not stone me for this... other than JT, I am not a pop groupie.

How can we know you have a groove thang unless you show us?

Show us your groove thang!

I love my rock, my hair-band metal of the '80s, and all the other good stuff you mention. Yet I had to go run out and buy Justin's CD just for that damn "Rock Your Body" song myself. Must be the fact that, after years of Britney claiming to be a virgin (while with Justin the whole time) and now he's singing about sexuality, I'm just damn intrigued. And the kid's kinda hot, too!!!

Oh, grrl. No, you didn't. NO you didn't!

It is time for some dance fu.

I got grooves so smoove you can't behoove to improve. And just to prove, I'll move for Cliquot Veuve.

Fine, so Eminem I ain't. You get the picture.

I think an album of Puce lyrics is just what our country needs right now. Puce is in da house!

Err, isn't Sean-Paul that plagarist guy?

Methinks caleb is in need of a riotous blowjob.

If you like "Get Busy", you should check out Sean Paul's collaboration with Busta Rhymes "Gimme the Light".

shake dat thing miss blah blah blahblah . . . my roomie and I listen to that song almost everyday. We still haven't deciphered all his lyrics, but we listen to it everyday. And I listen to punk/alt, and she listens to rock of the beatles-rhcp persuasion. Its just that good a song. I also have a place in my heart for the jc chasez song from that movie. . . but Justin Timberlake has yet to 'rock my world' or whatever.

hahaha i jsut happened to come across this, and i must agree. i do not typically enjoy this type of music, but i find myself constantly playing both "rock your body" and "get busy." odd, huh?

i want to know....what's the name of sean paul's hair styles?!!!

sean paul is so damn sexy in all of his pictures posters and everything! I love his voice I can't wait to go to one of his concerts it is going to be so fun. it would be so awesome to meet him. i love the way his hair looks all the time i want to get my hair done like that ya know! well love yall girlz but gotta chunk duce laterz

OMG justin timberlake is really hot and really talented, he can sing and hes a awesome beatbox!
How you could think he uses subliminal messages? it's beyond unthinkabel, and isnt that illegal anyway? now shean paul... well he may need some help because he dont got all the looks, but i give him props for remebering what i cant even understand.