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malls, trolls and Puce as Journalist

After spending a few hours with five kids at a diner and the mall, and after witnessing the spectacle that is teenage fashion these days and after spending all my strength curbing the urge to kick some little kids and their permissive mothers in the head, I no longer have the energy to deal with the post below. However, the comments are a great read. So go read.

Meanwhile, I would like to announce that our friend Puce has made the big time. He is quoted in this issue of Online Journalism Review.

Puce, I knew you when. Just don't forget where you got started when they hand out that Pulitzer for Best Writing By an Internet Troll.


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Via Michele, I see that Puce (voters say Treacher, Treacher says Just Puce) has been quoted in the Online Journalism Review, is suggested for a "Pulitzer for Best Writing By an Internet Troll" (I really like this idea), and, in... [Read More]


How is it possible that an incoherent grammar hacker like Puce is able to garner semi-national notice, while other, truly wonderful and undeniably sexy bloggers, like, oh, I dont know, ME, continue to wallow in obscurity?

I just want to be loved. Is that so wrong?

pondering masturbation

going back to work. masturbation will have to wait.


This is so cool. I was just insulted by Puce. My day is now officially awesome.

Frell you say? Set up us the bomb! How be the ZIONIS in my brain? Irak is done. No likey chink food! OOOOP! CLICK

Oh dear. That's so very wrong to misspell "ignorant". I mean, really.

Hello pot? This is kettle.

i haven't got to the links yet
this still has me grinnin:
"witnessing the spectacle that is teenage fashion these days"

as opposed to which days :-)

no igorant INCORANT stupid

I've been wondering how puce
slipped between the cracks over at
Now I get it the " I " is all wrong
s/b Ignobility.

Incorant? Right. Because that's a word.

By the way, it's IGNORANT ignoramus. Get it right. You'd think with your overqualifications in this matter you might be able to get at least this ONE word spelled correctly.

Say it with me now...


Maybe you should try monosyllabic words until you're able to correctly spell things over four letters.


Puce is actually a nice guy I think. I wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator with Puce, but I like his posts.

Puce is so horribly bad, he's actually good. Of course, I'm convinced he's a fake (you can't spell incoherent "INCORANT" that many times and NOT be a fake), but he (she?) is hugely entertaining all the same.

Is Puce supposed to be P*ssy? Maybe he just mispelled it.

Fuck of spell NOTSES

Holy crap! That was supposed to be "incoherent"?


Ryan, you need to write a Puce-To-English Dictionary. :)

By the way, it's "NAZIS" Oh Brilliant One. But I'm sure you knew that.

I am now convinced that Puce is absolutely a Long Islander. That poetic whack language he so loves to use is our normal dialect. What's worse, we don't need to abuse drugs or get drunk to the gills to reach that point: just drink the water.

A Long Islander? Perhaps that's why I tolerate him so much - and understand him. Birds of a feather...

Maybe its because Ryan is really Puce?

What as spellt 'Grrl'?!?!? NO BRANER

Yeah, you got that right. No brainer. That's you. :)


blaster, I wish. It would just be super awesome to have an alter-ego that bizarre. Sadly, though, I can't take credit for the phenomenon that is Puce.

I saw Puce's 15 kilobytes of phame on OJR. I agree with Ryan - Puce is crazy as foxface. All dreme as famis of hod werk have. Puce get as tacos of Davit Leddermens greneroom. We have as watch.

Oh, and it's Grammarnazi©, courtesy of bushtitdotcom.

Is it just me or is this particular
troll becoming pusetrid.

Hell, I say we get Puce on the presidental ballot for 2004. But only as VP. Then while the left is busy distracted by his Quayle-like antics the conservatives can finally complete their objective of world domination... or is it just Taco Bell for everyone? What's your data on this, Puce?

I don't care whether Puce is a man or a woman: Puce, will you marry me?


Did you see that... the troll said "no", and I knew what he meant! Otherwise I don't try to translate, I don't speak Dumbass.

traslate thisFUCKYOU

Okay, once you translate "traslate" for us, we'll let you know about that one Puce.

(By the way, I have a feeling that phrase is actually two words, not one.)

oaky geek 'girl' HAHAHAHA

Oh, Puce, you incorrigible scamp, you! I'm falling so hard for you. Please reconsider my offer.

Puce wookin pa nub.