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going out on a limb for peace

What if they gave an peace poster contest and all the wrong people came?

Jim Treacher entered along with Kevin Parrott. Ken Layne entered. Brian Perry entered.

Only Brian's entries were accepted, mostly because the judges of the contest did not recognize irony when they saw it. And then Brian's entries were pulled after someone schooled them on the subject of ironic humor. (ed. note: my mistake, all the entries were accepted, but then taken down when it was found out that they were not entirely from the heart)

When you think about it, Jim and Kevin and Ken's entries were anti-war. They just weren't the right kind of anti-war.

But nevermind the dissent is healthy issue. What really irks me about the finalists of the poster contest is this entry.

This poor kid has been exploited by the left and he doesn't even know it. They are holding themselves up as beacons of morality - but what about the children? - when they are using this poor boy's tragedy to further their own agenda. I bet the kid would be mortified to know that he has been made the honorary poster child for the Leave Saddam in Power coalition.

I'm not belittling what happened to the poor kid. He's just too young to appreciate that his injuries were not inflicted in vain - an awful lot of his mates won't be stuffed into death prisons in the coming years, as they probably would have been if that benevolent dictator was still in power.

When you think about it, the left is all about denouncing exploitation. Exploitation of women, of migrant workers, of sweat shop teenagers, of minorities and little old ladies and Ralph Nader. And here they are, throwing this armless kid in everyone's faces as if every registered Republican in America had taken their own kitchen knives and cut his limbs off.

Take a look at some of these posters. The children! Look at this one. Oops, that one is a slam on Ken Layne. Damn guy went and expressed his free speech and now the man the anti-war movement is trying to bring him down!!

The children! The children!

Hey, where are the posters that show children being released from the jails? Or was that staged, too? I'm really confused at this point.

You know, that picture of Ken is really turning me on.


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The empty spaces of the 4 posters she took down are in the shape of a knight's move in chess. I just thought that was kind of funny.

My idea for a poster was:
"Every time you depose a despot, God kills a bunny. Think of the bunnies!"

Or how about:
"No war for freedom!"

"If we make war on tyrany and terrorists, don't the terrorists really win?"

When Melanie put that up, not running around and blabbing about it to everyone I've ever met in my entire life is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I was straining, I tell you.

I am still straining. Can I stop straining now? I think I need a truss.

"Save the dictators! [evironmentalist picture of saddam and kim jong ill]"

I'd like to do one that makes fun of the implicit racism of the peace movement (you know, Arabs aren't capable of democracy anyway - they're too stupid to liberate), but I can't think of a slogan that peaceniks will recognize as their own attitude.

By the way, what were the other three posters that were taken down?

No kidding, anyone have a link besides to stupid snake crap that person replaced it with?

Those three are described here. He's going to put them up on his own site as soon as he gets a chance.

Also, what Kevin said.

All of you guys are my heroes.

Ack!! Not an original idea in the whole shebang. Loved the comments next to each entry. Wonder who wrote this pretentious piece of craptrap: "The naive, retail vernacular makes this piece accessible to all" ?!


This crowd is so tedious and so over.

Ack!! Not an original idea in the whole shebang. Loved the comments next to each entry. Wonder who wrote this pretentious piece of craptrap: "The naive, retail vernacular makes this piece accessible to all" ?!


This crowd is so tedious and so over.

Okay, here are Perry's.

And here's what you see now when you click on my entry on the main page. Guess this means I'm a "necocon" now?

Heh. Whenever anyone asks me if I'm a neocon, I just tell them that I was a liberal all my life...till the liberals kicked me out for being too liberal. If that makes me a neocon in their warped little world, so be it.

I've put up my three entries at my site now, and ripped the Gooch a new one for that neocon Pilger quote. She can't seem to help herself from announcing just how ignorant she is, so I just can't help myself from pointing it out. Shame -- she seems like a nice enough person. Nice but dim.

Yuu think Goux is dumb...check out this guy: