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the dr. is in

Many of you know of Dr. Frank, the man behind Blogs of War1. What you may not know is the Dr. Frank is also the voice behind one of my favorite bands ever, The Mr. T. Experience (MTX)2.

The good doctor also has himself a solo career, and his latest song is called democracy, whisky, sexy, a phrase which many of you will recognize.

Dr. Frank says:

Hey folks. Wanna hear my new song "democracy, whisky, sexy"? Go here.

It's a totally free mp3, though, as always, you can tip your blogger/"singer"-songwriter if you feel like it (by clicking on the Amazon tip jar or pay pal buttons to the left.) Can I get anything else for you? Sorry, we're out of that. How about a nice, creamy, after-dinner drink? I'll be here till someone calls the cops...

Hey, if Lenny Kravitz can do it, why can't I? Revolution, people!...

I don't know how to characterize it, except to say that someone who heard it said it was "a cross between Imagine and The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

So go there. Listen to the song. Throw the man a tip. Then check out the dates and venues and see when Dr. Frank is headed your way. Spread the word, hide the pets. Dr. Frank is coming to town.

Go read his post3 on this subject where he waxes eloquently about the creative process of songwriting. And song-sharing.

1Not to be confused with the equally intelligent and interesting man behind the other Blogs of War, John Little.

2If you have never heard MTX and would like to present your ears with some of their bittersweet candy, my favorite MTX album is Revenge is Sweet and so are you. You can hear the fantastic song Love is Dead on that page.

3Blogspot permalinks hosed as usual. It's the Sunday, April 20 post entitled Cyber-husking, which is on top as of right now.


Have not listened to MTX... maybe I will... Thanks!

In the meantime... I feel a need to promote MY favorite band on Lookout!

The Eyeliners

Here is their home page

Chicks who rock, rock!

Very cool ! I like. Thanx for the link

It makes me remember the "Tommy"
rock opera by the Who.

(is my age showing?)

Dr. Frank is great, and so are MTX. I emailed him once, through his blog, to ask him a non-blog-related question, and he replied super quick. Cool, friendly guy, brilliant pop-punk songwriter, great blogger. "...And the Women Who Love Them" is my favorite MTX record (the one with the bonus tracks is especially neato).

PS- The Eyeliners are awesome, too, and hot to boot. They have a song called "Do The Zombie," which I had to mention because zombies are the coolest things ever.

I can still remember MTX being on my playlist back in ye olde Imagine Radio days -- just went into my Launchcast station and made sure I still had them on my favorites list (I do...)

I just got "love is dead" (the album) at a record store, used. score.