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have a killer easter



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Doncha hate those hare balls!

That's wrong! I want one!

ha! happy easter to you and your family, beautiful. ;)

{In a Scottish accent}

'....and he's got great, sharp, pointy teeth....'

Is he eating that other bunny, or throwing him back up?

Happy Easter!

killer rabbits! too cool!

Happy Easter, schnookums.

Hey! You should put this warning from the box on your blog:

"DO NOT tug the rabbit's tail or attempt to rub noses with the rabbit while calling it a 'cute little bunny-wunny.' This has proven fatal in most customer surveys."

That's a great photo! hahhahaha!

It's kinda like Watership Down meets Jurassic Park. I love it.

Happy Easter.

Don't let those bunnies get near Reynolds...or his blender!

I couldn't resist buying one of those little buggers when I saw it in the store...the lure of the "nasty, big, pointed teeth" was just too irresistable.

Then I started notice family members were missing...

shrug It's quieter now.

Yes! That's glorious.

You rock. I have the smaller bunny, and got him out for Easter. cool stuff