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men don't make passes....

Todd and Stacy wanted to see my new glasses. Some of you wanted to see me on TV. Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, I can give you both:

click for horribly large image


Is this the Spice Channel? What a babe!

Is it wrong of me to be licking my monitor screen?

Oooooh baby! A little to the left and pan down about 8" please...

Um, what's behind the green door?

Was the title of this post a command?

Hey baby, you know what would look good on you?

Oh Rexy, you're so sexy!

So That's what you look like. And...COOL New Pinup!

Girl, you're sexier than you give yourself credit for. And the glasses have that "Geekgrrl" flirt vibe.

Now where's the black leather and pearls?


Maybe Puce is back there. If it was a puce-colored door, we'd have a whole new conspiracy theory to deal with.

Those look exactly like my glasses!! They look great on you! :)

You don't look TOO dorpy with those.

agrees with Keith Now that we know you are capable of posting your pictures here, you know we'll be expecting more of them. :D

damn, woman. you are gorgeous. rowwrrrrrrr

Very sexy... but where's the leather?

Hope you don't mind
I ripped that pic & filed
it in my Internet Babes folder
right next to your wet T pic
that I ripped from Robyn's
Does this mean I'm in danger
of becoming a Blogstalker?
Well at least that's an upgrade
from Blurker...i think

Hottsy-Tottsy! Women with glasses make me feel all funny and warm.

Um, what's behind the green door?
posted by Joe a few comments back.

Answer: Behind the Green Door is one of the most legendary porn films of all time, starring Marilyn Chambers. :)

Joe and I had a little conversation about that last night.

As I recall, there as a pool table involved.

I think the glasses are a photoshop add in...where's the shadows?

ok, ok, so they're the real glasses...

and why is your thumb pointing at the green door?

Dave, I think Joe is actually asking what is BEHIND that green door and alluded to the porn as well.

I know what's behind the green door: that sullen homicidal girl-ganger from your About the Author page.

She scares me. Please don't let her out.

Wow. I'm smitten.

Or whatever the word for someone smiting me is. :) Your face is prettier than the wrathful lightning of the gods, yet your words are far more painful!

(/fanboy raving)

Easy on the eyes, brainy and getting more Conservative by the day...what's not to like?

Okay, I've got a new celebrity crush now. Thanks, Michele!

A woman who quotes Dorothy Parker and is gorgeous to boot! What was all that Jabba the Hut nonsense? And where's that hot girl-on-girl action you keep promising me!??

Ok, I'm remembering back a ways here to the last time you posted a picture of your daughter...but is she the spitting image of you, or what?

You're too harsh on your appearance. You're an attarctive woman. Your hubby's a lucky young man.