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this puce thing just won't die

Oscar has set up a poll to determine who Puce is. Or at least who everyone thinks he is. If he's not really some guy named Puce, that is.

Personally, I think it's A. Beam. I mean, the guy just came back from an extended hiatus. I imagine this is all some hit-gathering ploy and in a few days he will come out of the blogger-closet and let everyone know he was Puce all along.

And then we will all go over and hit him with sledgehammers.

There's no way it's Ken Layne and if it was Treacher I would know, because I have him under mind control.

Vote there, spout your conspiracy theories here.


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I don't understand what this Puce thing is about? What? What?

Oh, and Glenn Reynolds puts puppies in blenders if anyone didn't know yet.

There's speculation in certain quarters that "Puce" is a New York blogger who was recently forced into temporary retirement (again). But Jackie D, among others, is convinced it's Treacher (and she knows him better than I do).
I'm undecided.

At first I thought
Willis on crack
But no...too many flab references
I guess it's back to my paranoid
neo-con delusional chalkboard.

Ack...That was supposed to be
drawing board.
at first I had blackboard but I
was afraid that may have been

I think it's either me or A. Beam. Or maybe I'm both Puce and A. Beam? Or maybe A. Beam is both me and Puce? Or Puce is both of us?

No, no, no. Clearly, Puce is Baghdad Bob!

And incidentally, even though he isn't above eating puppies, mine is still the only blog that Glenn Reynolds doesn't link.

My newest conspiracy theory: ever notice how Baghdad Bob and Peter Arnett are never in the same room together? Secret identity time...

I'm thinking Puce is actually Salam Pax.

I wouldn't want to debunk an icon, but if one were to put a paragraph or so through the Google translator about three or four times using different languages each time, and then finally back to English, I think one might discover the source of Puce's unique command of English. Just a guess, I don't no nothing about colors.