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who says bloggers don't rate?

So, you know that story about CNN letting their pre-made obits slip into an unsecured site, and how everyone with an internet connection saw Dick Cheney's obituary before the guy even died?

Here's another one, unearthed just today.


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Well, crap. It looks like I had the same human error in publishing this thing prematurely like CNN did...

Hilarious. :)

Funny...I woulda thought the NYT of the bloggers would be Rebecca Blood, Barbelith Tom, Kottke, Megnut, or somebody who came to the form well before Glenn Reynolds started talking out of his ass. But I guess I'm just old school.


Rebecca Blood, Barbelith Tom, Kottke, Megnut are only interesting in a 'watchin' 'tards tie their shoes' kind of way.

Did anyone notice that half the links on CNN's obit site had the same obituary text(Reagan's)?

Looks like CNN has its own dead pool. :) Actually, I write obits in advance for the publication I work for -- I just don't put them on the public server!