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the lardy demin limerick contest

Puce quote of the day:

1 fattyank less devel, award, 'wale fit of tuxode?' but say real but Cnn as make boo electron change for MEDEA LIES. Hide? CLICK

Now, the hardest limerick contest yet. This time around, it has to be written in the style of everyone's favorite grammar-masher and stud-muffin, Puce.

Bonus points if the limerick is actually about Puce himself. Otherwise, content is open to anything.

Go to it, lardy demins!

[UPDATE] Requests dictate that I also allow for haikus. So, ok.


Der 1ones wuz a man call Puce
who's Inglish wuz fass an luce
he becam a bloging star
by postin hear and a far
despite his lak of spelck use


There once was a man called Puce
whose English was fast and loose
he became a blogging star
by posting here and afar
despite his lack of spellcheck use.

I was always better at haiku.


Now matter how you slice Puce, he's still baloney. And a hell of a lot of fun.

Puce how post scred ownd blog,
Whiteman crinkel as USA dog.
Bone ladypart damp,
Laugh to belley cramp.
Pretzeldent cowboy now war fog.

All limick
making sick
suck mydick

Our friend PUCE just appears to be lame,
But must be word sharp for this game.
    The content, though cute
    Is no way past refute
Lik Tea robins plus Dame meens as same.

I Puce make the word
Whith rime and reesen not
To fatty fed Amerikns
Who sand in Irak got
Drosy wordss for this point
Mikal More be the bomb
It is bad it is my tits
Dont look good as www.puce.com


Drive bigest car, fart seat, waddle in Burgerking, wondar why all world hate land as th free?*

is fairly poetic in it's own

*(Stoled from Puce)

Using Puce's own posts for haikus....

President Cowboy
Hey Irak is done, lets tacos
Name Puce Vampy Girl

standup agains dulwit
pretzel whitehouse monkieface
Many word, serius.

Funning stupad man
instead watching West deathshows
Friends Scrub CIS

Yu smell it like anit amerika
and she take theboot, um, uh, er,...

Fuck, this is hard!

Yu stuppid amrican yanks.
Yore Starboks/MacDonalds ken thank
My sayin nunsens
Fore there dolers an cens
Cos compaird tey ar lots less rank!