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furry lardy demins!

I think my friend Puce has stumbled upon quite a revelation.

Remember the thread I linked about the looting? The one where a few commenters said they would save clay pots instead of babies from a fire?

It seems some of those commenters are...furry.

I've always had this problem with anthropomorphic creatures (Ninja Turtles notwithstanding). They creep me out.

People who devote their lives to anthropomorphic creatures - dressing up like them, attending confurences devoted to them - they creep me out as well. I don't mean to degrade anyone reading this, we all have our little quirks that creep other people out.

I just have a hard time taking a Furry's vision of the reality of the looting seriously, that's all.

Oh hell, I'll let Puce explain it:

Wear aminal costume of carton for make bone to panis damp ladypart, type trueword in disent and museum USA blame. WHAT AS YOU LISTEN?!?

Disclaimer: when i say i hate anthropomorphic creatures, i mean it mostly in the sense of a) live action movies or shows where the animatronic animals talk; b) animals that talk yet wear no clothes or, even worse, wear shirts but no pants; c) animals that retain more than 70% of their animal behavior but still wear shoes or hats; d) anthropomorphic creatures and humans should never have sexual relations.


Claymation is the worst. Claymation animated things give me nightmares. ::shudder::

Errr... I know this sounds stupid... but does this include Winnie the Pooh and friends.... ?

"damp ladypart"...now THAT'S what I'm TALKIN' bout, Puce!

Maybe you're not a lost cause after all.


What if you shave a furry? 'Cause I think I Kinda like that...

Oh - and the breasts! Six breasts! It's like your own personal schmorgasbroad.

What is Puce? Am I missing something?

Just say no to people with tails.

Wait, here's a better link to that book: CLICK

(Sorry to steal your shtick, Puce!)

YOU SEE??!!!?? YOU SEE??!!??
You may be the only person in the world that understands why Yogi Bear gives me nightmares!

(Hey, I never said I was friggin' normal, okay? Just trying to keep the conversation going.)

Racit lies, why scare in true?

Are you certain that Puce isn't just some net-based MadLibs generator gone berserk?

Ann - you were right. That was disturbing. And, I suspect, illegal in some states.

I know what you mean - there was some Union group in town the other day and one of 'em was dressed in a rat suit. Not just like Chuck E Cheese, No...a realistic looking rat suit. Yeah, it gave me that freaky weird feeling.

That's a whole lot o' puce.

Oh, I must note that I like claymation, though. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a freakin' classic.

Mickey Mouse: "I didn't say Minnie was crazy, your honor. I said she was fucking Goofy."

Animatronics freak me out to no end! The only ones I can look at without instantaneously getting the willies are animals doing animal things, but they're still creepy, too. I'm getting weirded out just thinking about it... Ironic that I used to work for Disney!

Just closing the tag...

Puce is funny guy, even though I can't understand.

The explanation of the conference that Michele linked to mentioned 'filksinging' as one of their merry delights. Just wondering... Was this a misspelling of 'folksinging' or something else?

Filk-singing is folk-singing about characters from the realms of science fiction and fantasy. The only reason I know this is because I read it in a Dan Clowes comic. I am no better than they.

What? I love Hello Kitty! Can't HK be a girl who's conservative too? Meow!

I'm amazed you understand Puce. I can't understand a word he says. It's like backwards English for learning impaired folks.

What about Donald Duck?

Fiksinging? Yes, it was originally a typo, but is now the official spelling of the genre. Filk music is the folk music of science fiction / fantasy fandom -- often using borrowed tunes, though there are quite a few filksongs with original tunes. Typical topics are SF/fantasy stories, space, physics, computers, dead cats, live cats, paleontology, and Kipling.
Take a look at http://www.filk.com/ for a starting point; see especially the "links" and "filk 101" pages.
(Filk = folk, for sufficiently wide values of i and narrow values of o.)

Michele said: "when i say i hate anthropomorphic creatures... animals that talk yet wear no clothes or, even worse, wear shirts but no pants..."

I'm doing a web search on Donald Duck right now. http://art-bin.com/art/strobleng.html is coming up slowly...

Yep, no pants! Scrooge and the nephews aren't wearing pants either. That gives me a whole new perspective on "Unka Donald" He should be the Nambla mascot!

I wonder how many people ever noticed that? I guess it would be much more obvious if Disney characters were, whats's the phrase, physically correct?


I would point out that the quotes of one or two "furries" could scarcely represent the political or ethical views of the entire group.

I would add that neither does the fringe element of a fandom represent the whole-- those fans of anthropomorphics that "freak you out" are hardly representative of the whole--- any more than the dysfunctional freaks who insist that they're real live Klingons and refuse to bathe a month before the scifi convention in order to prove it, or the disturbed individuals who write spock/Kirk/McCoy "slash" fiction, are a fair representation of Star Trek fans everywhere. (Then again, they might be. I wouldn't know, I don't hang out with trekkies.)

Third, you wanna see some REAL freaks, there are plenty of places to look. Stop by an Anime convention sometime...hell, half of Japanese culture seems to revolve around spectacular levels of sexual dysfunction (Don't gimme no crap about stereotypes; I've seen medieval screen paintings of geishas getting serviced by octopi. Where'd they get this Tentacle Porn shit? answer: THEIR ANCESTORS.)

Or cruise on out to attend the Burning Man festival. The lunatics cavorting around out in the desert there would make the "furries" look positively stodgy. Some of the things they do out there absolutely defy description.

Or hell, just cruise by Hot Topic and oggle at the goths for a few hours. If pseudo-angst punk rockers dressed like undead mimes don't rate higher on your weird scale than someone who reads Brian Jacques or who collects cartoon animal figurines, you need to check the settings on your Weirdometer.

99% of anthro or "furry" fans are just folk who like, for whatever reason, books, movies, comics and such that feature anthropomorphic characters-- "funny talking animals" to the less thesauric of you out there-- and who collect and trade them for fun. Or who like performing in mascot costumes, or drawing and cartooning, or puppeteering, or making or collecting plush animals.

It's the other 1% that gets on MTV or the midday "freak of the week" talk shows.

"Or hell, just cruise by Hot Topic and oggle at the goths for a few hours. If pseudo-angst punk rockers dressed like undead mimes..."

Damn that's funny! That turn of phrase should be saved for posterity.

"pseudo-angst punk rockers dressed like undead mimes..." Heh.

I'm currently freaked out by the following:

-Theme Park Mascots
-Ben Sherman Shirts
-Patterned Carpetting

Plus anyone who agrees with the following statement:

"xXx was not a retarded piece of shit movie with no class aimed at an audience of morons dependent on a drip feed of pretty lights and cleavage to mask the fact that they're too stupid to cope with anything more advanced. I sat through the whole thing, found it riveting and original, and didn't once feel the urge to pull out my own spine, attach a fishing line to the end and gouge out my own eyes as quickly as possible"

It's been a rough day, movielovers...

Fuck a bunch o furry
I'll take Gumby anyday

Is it just me or does anyone else
think puse should be in contact with
the folks over at S.E.T.I. ?

Judging from this flow chart, you can clearly see where Furries rank on the social ladder.