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desperately seeking Patriot act supporters

Have you read any OpEd pieces in favor of the Patriot Act II?

I'm serious. There is a reason I am asking.

If you know of anyone - blogger or journalist -who has written in favor of the PAII, please let me know?

Thank you.


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Heh. Good luck with that one.

I already checked, there's nothing at AshcroftsMom.blogspot.com.

Nope. The most I have seen is "It's not as bad as some people say". Hardly a ringing endorsement.

Is "Patriot Act II" another internet hoax?

Yes, I've seen the PDF's. But the Attorney General says that no such thing is being prepared by the Justice Department for proposal as law.

Maybe he's lying.

A good number of Republicans are against it.
Who would be for an act so invasive on all of us? Think about it.
We can beef us security and be alert without this fucked up Patriot Act 2.
Seriously, read what it will do. If you don't think civil liberties are important for all Americans then they shouldn't be for you.
Stalin would be proud of Patriot Act 2. Big brother is watching.


Not as many as were opposed to it when Clinton first proposed many of its provisions.

And certainly not enough.

Okay let me state my total ignorance. What the hell is Patriot Act II? Sorry I have heard NOTHING.

I'm awfully glad you asked this, and I may blog about it too.

Naomie Emory did a piece on it that basically trashed most of the bill's critics, saying that most of them obviously had not even read the act and saying that some of the claims about it run directly counter to what's in it. That the hysteria is utterly unjustified, especially for a bill that Ashcroft almost certainly hasn't even seen, hasn't authorized, and has little to do with him.

Unfortunately, the article was in print, so I don't know where to link it. :-(

I have been wondering for some time if all the fear and anger over this act wasn't the product of fevered imaginations. And the fact that no one seems to be able to tell me, in plain English, what exactly is in this bill that I'm supposed to be afraid of--minus hyperbole, minus patronizing tone, minus self-righteousness--makes me wonder what the hell's really going on with this thing.

When "everybody knows" something is bad but no one can describe it exactly, it smells like bunk on the grill to me.

By the way, I totally hashed her name, but Emery isn't a particularly reliable source in my view since she's primarily an opinion journalist. She was just the only example I could think of, and it seemed mostly to be a "these people are full of crap" article than a "this is a good idea" article.

I invite people to explain some things to me about Patriot Act here. But only if you can meet the conditions I spell out.

You'd have an easier time finding some OpEds in support of Hitler.

I've run this question at the top of my blog all day and the closest I've gotten to clear answers are:

1) This whole thing is a wildly exaggerated crock of horseshit, and

2) Patriot I is due to expire, and Patriot II will extend it.

If this is the best that the anti-Patriot II people can come up with, my fears are confirmed: this is as much hoax and paranoia as anything else.

Dean Esmay,
Your a fucking moron. The Patriot Act is not a hoax. It is the fucking government trying to regulate everything. They can spy on you whenever they want to now. I personally do not want the government looking at every move I make. Now Big Brother is really always watching. 1984 the book is coming true.

Okay, here is all you need to honestly know about the Patriot Act II.


So, here is the deal...EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THE PATRIOT ACT!! Not a summary of the act by someone else, or any laymans translation, but the real thing.
I have read all 132 pages of the actual act and the context of the amendments of previous acts.

So read it yourself and make your own opinions.
Don't take my word for it...the Patriot Act infringes on personal rights as it is, and the draft of the second Act is even more invasive