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the crazy chick/housewife will not be televised

There were many factors which went into this decision. The biggest factor of them all was that after speaking to the CNN woman again today, my gut feeling was "I have a bad feeling about this."

So, with my Spidey sense tingling and the undertones of the pre-tv briefings changing every so slightly, and with the revelation today that it would have been CNN Financial Network and not CNN itself (a fact not that I was not privvy to until about twenty minutes ago), I have decided to pass on the opportunity.

I'm a bit disappointed and a bit relieved.

You'll get over it.

If you want, I can dress up in a black leather June Cleaver dress with pearls and shout "Eason slept with Saddam!" on Monday anyhow.


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You are an amazingly honest woman.and I applaud you.You smelled ambush(stop it right now,Parrot)and you called off your foray into the tube.The gulf between your character and that of a Garafalo is astounding.

Yeah,I mean you Parrott(sorry 'bout the mispell)

Good for you, kid. Now put on that leather thing and post pics. Wav file of you calling Eason Saddam's whore optional.

A tasteful glimpse of nip wouldn't hurt, either.

BTW, I turned down an interview on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, for the same reasons you did.



I wasn't going to say anything.


Not to sound like that Star Wars guy, but "It's a trap!"


Don't worry Michele... We don't need to see you on TV to love ya :-)

you can just make a videotape of what you would've said on CNN & mail us each a copy.

If you'd like, I can interview you on cam in my underwear instead.

Well I was looking forward to seeing you, even had a sticky note on my computer to remind me to tune in. Can see why you would reject the interview though, if only it had been Fox....

Wise move. Although Kim missed his 15 minutes on the Daily Show thing (which would have been great publicity for Ammo Day), we didn't want to take the risk. We maintained our reputation and kept the event from being made to look foolish or frivolous.

It has to irk them that bloggers do it for free.

That comment I made above was just stupid. Here's what I really want to say:


GOOD for you. Three cheers, Michele.

Well, I'm disappointed that you won't be on TV, but I think your decision is a wise one.

"If you want, I can dress up in a black leather June Cleaver dress with pearls and shout 'Eason slept with Saddam!' on Monday anyhow."

Works for me. You'll post a video file, right? Pearls optional, of course.

You are my hero. :)

Dang! What am I going to do with all these blank videocassettes and this gallon of lubriderm?

fo' shizzle my Mrs. Cleavizzle

OK,robyn in undies interviewing Michele in leather with a running commentary by Parrott?WHO THE FUCK NEEDS TV?Tell me the ticket price and I'm there.

I like Robyn's idea...but that's nothing unusual. chuckle

You gotta do what you gotta do, Michele...or don't do, in this case. :) Good for you.

I definately vote for the undies/black leather interview!

Dear Michele,

I understand your thought process. I must admit I would have gone only on the theory that any appearance even a bad one helps with publicity. Beside, being on CNN financial means was hardly an ambush since very cable networks have the CNN and no ones sees the station but relatives.

I remember during the first gulf war, I was invited to a debate in which I found that I was the only panal member supporting Bush and the rest of the panal were the usual peaceniks and the group sponsoring the debate was a local peace group. I had people call me to tell me, don't go and the media was there.

What happen was interesting. I more than held my own, the media lost interest and did nothing with the story. (Bush advocate cream local peaceniks would hardly make a wonderful headline.)

My point is that you are more than capable of handling the media and you will do fine. Next time, show up and kick ass.

My TiVo is now disappointed.

Please get yerself into that tight black stuff and turn on the video camera. Post pics. Use your best slutty/domination voice for audio files. Let us all see.

And use the word "fuck" a lot. You no longer have to worry about that possible albatross.

It's your call on this one. I'd think that any publicity is good publicity and one CNN franchise could feed another if they thought it worth passing around, but I don't have a high regard for Eason Jordan's CNN of any flavor as of the moment.

I figure that with your endless supply of ideas and the means to implement them and bring people together to make them happen, you'll not only get the media hounding you for your next project, but it'll be the media that you'll want hounding you instead of disreptuable types like CNN's cast-offs misrepresenting themselves.


Ambush's happen. Every brush I've had with the press has been disappointing. They love to pick sides and turn everying thing to a morality play even when they're clueless about what's going on. This applies to the business press where a lot of what they're reporting on would be dramaless otherwise.

Been there, done that, and you made the right choice.
What's really fun is telling some reporter that naw, sorry, you don't want to give them an interview. "But...but EVERYONE wants to be on TV!!"
Nope, wrong again, newsie!

My dad's National Guard unit got ambushed by 60 minutes many years ago. It was a case of wild editing that took everything out of context. You could have been sexy, slinky, outspoken, and happy in the interview. However, you probably would have seen a different "interview" on the TV.

So--Boobies and leather on the Blog!

Yeah, television news interviews are so twentieth century. Personalized interviews by one's own self on one's own website are where it's at!

You should do what you feel best about.

I do think the leather-June-Cleaver thing sounds amusing, though:)

Can you just send me a pic of you in the June Cleaver leather dress? I promise to think lewd thoughts of you at all times whilst gazing upon it. PROMISE!

I'd already resurrected my vcr and programmed it.

I bow to your bullshit smelling capabilities though. If you're gonna work it, it better be on the big stage, not the side stage.

I still wanna see the black leather and pearls getup though.

Threaten to torture the cameraman, and they'll broadcast whatever you want.

CNN Financial Network? Oh, duh. They got confused. They thought you were gonna offer ECONOMIC stimulation! Good thing you stopped them, then. (Of course, it would've been fun to watch their pacemakers explode...)

Sounds like you made a good move.

"If you want, I can dress up in a black leather June Cleaver dress with pearls ..."

I'd like that very much. Thank you.

I'd like to second that motion.


Ain't it great to have an Infallible Bullshit Detector ™! We'll just find another way to get Larry King's head on a stick.

Maybe the Agonist is available. If he is, perhaps you could lend him the dress....