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For Meryl, Laurence and all my Jewish friends and readers



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Why is Moses sticking his thumb up that bird's ass?

I was thinking more like "Why is that bird humping Moses' hand?"

You think Passover is so great?
You try eating my mother-in-law's lemon meringue pie with a potato starch crust.

So, who's more joyous and happier? The bird or Moses?

Actually, it looks like he's about to drop-kick the bird.

Mike: After the bird pooped on his hand?

Anyway, a happy holiday to you all. And Marduk, I'll trade you for my sister-in-law's green bean casserole at Thanksgiving. Would make a goat retch.

Imperial Keeper of Killer Lagomorphs

FYI- I was at a Sedar last night. Passover is suppose to commemorate the freeing of the Isrealites from a brutal dictator (Pharoh). Hence, you can easily see a parrallel between what happened thousands of years ago and Iraq. Right?

Guess again. A rabid liberal Jew at our Sedar had the nerve to suggest that we are acting like pharoh and that we should let the Iraqi people live under Saddam. After all Saddam is no worse than Bush. Good frickin Grief!!!!

They (meaning libs not Jews) have no clue. Suffice it to say that person will not be invited next year and I gave him a good Fisking to boot.

jgold -- at our Sedar, we talked about the same thing.

Actually, Elizabeth, it looks like the bird stole his weed...or is that a lucky 3-leaf clover? Hmm..

"Why is Moses sticking his thumb up that bird's ass?"

It's the middle finger, hon. I think that bird's smiling.

Happy Passover all.