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it's all shiny and new!

Check out the new design of Command Post.

When you're done, bow down to Stacy and Sekimori Designs.

There are not enough words of thanks and gratitude in the world to describe how happy I am not just with the design, but with the customer service, professionalism and mind-reading abilities of Sekimori.


Wow!!!!!!! That's some gorgeous work. Brava Stacy!!!!

It's a nice look. I think I'd have preferred the old one a week ago, since the Iraq page was the default. But now that the war is essentially over there, it makes sense to do it this way.

Of course, she screwed up my blog URL. . .

I just saw it...thought I was lost 4 a sec
Great new layout & what James just said
about making sense.

Good Stuff as usual

James, my pet, you're gonna want to check that stuff right now...the blogroll is done through, quelle surprise!, Blogrolling. If your URL is screwed up, it's been screwed up since the beginning, take it up with the proprietors.

Very nice -- kudos to the Queen!

What Michele said ... we're both very proud to have Stacy's design behind our vision for the site ... she is simply the best.

Very slick. Nice job all around!


I was just teasing Michele. I switched from blogspot to my own URL and Michele kept forgetting to switch it--it's fixed now. ;)

Dork. :)

Michele, Alan, Stacy,

Fantastic job. You guys rock the blogosphere.

Looks niiice...

Oh man thats sexy.

Beautiful! Just went there and was blown away! A great service just got better.

But it doesn't fit my [insert stupid resolution size here] resolution. You really need to fix it so I can see it perfectly. ;-)

(This comment provided to test the loudness of Robyn's scream. I could be dead by the time you read this)

Man, that is dead sexy. Just wow.

Looks great!