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Bitchslap Ted Rall Day, Volume 8

There is a fine line between idiocy and insanity and Ted Rall just crossed it.

Mr. Rall has finally fallen victim to his own propaganda. He has fallen hook, line and sinker for the conspiracy theories and misinformation of the left, making Baghdad Bob look like a man of reason in comparison.

He has fallen for photoshopped photos and grand schemes to play down the liberation of the Iraqi people. He is another in a long line of lefties who think the price of lost museum pieces was not worth the liberation at all.

Then again, he doesn't even think the Iraqis were liberated. According to Rall, we lost the war. According to his sources, Iraq is now a place of dark and cruel rule, where gangs roam the street raping women at will and everyone is wailing and crying. Oh, the humanity!

He makes no mention of the torture chambers uncovered, the dank prison cells where victims of Saddam's regime died, the imprisoned children finally released, the suicide vests or the opulence in which Saddam's family lived while his citizens starved by his hands.

No, he insists that we lost the war.

It is Rall and his compatriots on the left that have lost, and now they are grasping at straws to find any way to at least place or show, if not forge lies and innuendos to make it seem as if they won.

It's great that you believe your own distorted stories, Ted. But if you keep pointing to photoshopped pictures and outright lies as the truth, I am going to have to doubt that you really slept with all those women.

Once a liar, always a liar you know.


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Their bleating is self-defeating. All we have to do is let em bleat and keep fact-checking their pitiful asses.

That's the funniest thing Ted's ever written.

Actually, Ted crossed that line a long time ago. He's a little broken in the head, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Best line by Rall in his pointless bit of fantasy: "our new colonial subjects." Comedy gold!

Am I gonna have to set up a blog just to fisk that peice of crud? Talk about serious need of fact checking!

Where does he get his info, off the back of a cereal box?

When I was in college, one of my worst enemies was a big dumb jock named Tim Rall. I wonder if there's any relation...

My question is: who syndicates the ravings of someone as certifiable as Ted Rall? Perhaps an astute stock purchase will allow me to reap capitalist profits off the "tin-foil hat" market. 'Cause ya know there's a big enough market for Rall's pig swill.

why are we paying any attention to him? That's the only reason he does this is to get people to yell at him.

What can one say about Ted Rall? It appears that to be a member of the hard left means that you can check your brain at the door and be relieved of thinking any serious thoughts.

"....Patriotic iconography is a funny thing. I've known that the Iwo Jima photo
was fake for years, but it nonetheless stirs me every time I see it. Firdus
Square's footage will retain its power long after the last American learns
the truth...."

Back in the glorious 80s, the appropriate response to such nonsense
was "what color is the sky in your world?"


I think it's time for a Ehrlich-Simon type wager. Michele is without peer at raising money and publicity and there are enough of y'all conservative thinkers to come up with a good bet that can get this loser to bite (or not bite which is just as good).... Me? I'm just an idea guy, I'll sit back and watch

Two words: brain damage.

Hmmm...apparently Ted hasn't picked up on the reports (circulating for at least a couple of days now) that the museum looting was an inside job, organized by Ba'athists intent on grabbing everything they could on their way out of the country.

Of course, it's difficult for Ted to read this kind of information, being as how his head is stuck up his ass.....

A "fake"? WTF is Rall whining about? The photo was neither a fake nor staged. Yes it was the 2nd flag raising of the day, but the photographer, Joe Rosenthal, just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Yes, it was serendipitous and caught the imagination so that the first (un-photoed) flag raising was all but forgotten, but it wasn't FAKE.

Rall's claims to being a human being certainly ARE.

*JUST * crossed the line? Where've you been? He's been ready for the white jacket with really long sleeves for quite a while.

rall best od america trueth hurts?