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out of the closet

Yes, that's right, I am coming out of the closet.

I watch American Idol.

Whew, that took a lot. I could blame it on Natalie, who makes me watch it with her each week as part of our mother/daughter bonding ritual but the truth is, I enjoy it.

So now that you know I watch it, I can start bitching about it.

Who the hell had the bright idea to make it Billy Joel night? That was the shitties collection of songs I have ever heard. Not one of the contestants chose songs that were right for them. Clay should have gone with a ballad. And am I the only one who thinks Clay is a dead ringer for K.D. Lang?

I think it's time to come up with some new themes so these kids can show off their real talents. Forget 70's pop and disco. Let's hear them do some Broadway tunes or blues. All the previous themes made the show look like karaoke night at Joe's Dive Bar.

It's Ruben all the way, anyhow.

prediction: Kimberly Caldwell will be making soft core porn for Cinemax by this time next year


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Clay is the lovechild of kd land and Peewee Hermann

Reuben will win.

However, I have rumors that some people are trying to keep Carmen Rasmusen(sp?) in the game..the same people that kept last years singer, what was her name..Niki (the stripper) or something into the late rounds..there was actually a guy on the radio from somewhere in South Dakota talking of his elaborate 10 phone system that continously votes for people Simon shuns...

ahh well...

I admit, I watch.

I think you're insane, though...Kim Clarke was a bad-ass last night. Everyone else was ok, kinda...except for Carmen, who flat-out sucked...but Clarke was really, really good.

And as for your prediction about Caldwell? If there is a god, you will be correct. Mmmm...softcore. (homer drooling sound here)

Damn...thought you were giving CNN something to talk about. ;-)

Nooooooooooo, not American Idol...
the world has started to end - I can sense it.

JimK, I'm assuming you mean Kim Locke. Who the hell is Kim Clarke?

Oh good grief, looks like I'm out of the closed now too.

um, closet. heh.

My daughter watches it too. And although I try to blog about baseball during it, I have also noticed that Clay looks like KD Lang.

I keep hoping they do something like they did on the first series -- the Big Band theme. That episode great. I admit, I have a fondness for the music of that era, but I thought it gave the performers something to sink their teeth into.

Softcore only?!?!? Damn,,,,

Yeah I'm outta the closet too. Ruben all the way, Although I'd like to see him and Josh as the final two. Us Marines have to stick together.

Josh does well when he sticks to the country routine, but his performance last night was downright awful. Although I agree that Carmen has consistently sucked and should get the boot tonight, nothing would make me happier than to see Kimberly C. go buh-bye.

What I want to know is what the FUCK Carmen was wearing? It was like genie pants and a tube top over a t-shirt.

I voted for Kimberley Locke.


Where the hell did I get Clarke? Yes, I means Locke. :)

Reuben is the best singer, but I could sell the snot outta Trenyce, and Carmen needs to take two years to develop her skill and then move to Nashville. Josh should go back into the Marine Corps, where his buds should make him do pushups all day because Simon fac4ed his ass. ;)

DAMN MY WIFE AND HER ABILITY TO CONTROL THE TELEVISION. I never would have watched this on my own...

Clay... come on he's a wonderful talent...

and Kimberly is so headed to WB network...

and I so don't watch the show... my wife does and my 5 month old son loves singing... even mine...

I have a feeling that Carmen is going to be the Nikki of last year. Horny young boys vote for her because she's cute, but she consistently sucks every week.
I definitely think that Kimberley Locke rocked the house, but the only two performances I enjoyed were her's and Clay's.
And Clay does NOT look like kd lang. Clay is my boyfriend. (Along with Justin Timberlake, Vin Diesel, etc.)

Damn, it's always so sad when it happens to someone you know....

My prediction for Kimbery Caldwell is that she'll be the next bimbo in the background of those idiotic Carrot Top ATT commercials.
I'm backing Kimbery Locke because she's from near my hometown in Tennessee - plus, she can "SANG" :)

i've only seen it twice, but i thought picking weird artists was part of the challenge. not that billy joel is that weird, really, but his songs are very... billy joel. y'know? i only saw about twenty minutes of last night's show, but i didn't think any of them were as badly chosen as that chick who did the blondie song last week. ugh. some songs are not meant to be enunciated.

and i think clay's adorable. those freckles. and that voice. i'd love to hear him sing fly me to the moon. mostly i'm just floored at how talented these poeple are. i expected them to all be spice girls.

Ever since Simon made his "Motown the Musical" comment about Clay, all I can see him doing is playing Mark in Rent. Kimberley L and Ruben rule. Carmen and Kimberly C drool.

Heretic! I can't believe you watch American Idol.

From now on, all my fantasies of you will feature ME as the top.