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the mother of all mother's day presents

Is it weird to ask for an X-Box or Game Cube for Mother's Day?

And if it's not, which one do I ask for?

I want the Game Cube so I can play the new Zelda and Super Puzzle Fighter II and Metroid Prime, but X-Box has..has.....hmm, anything it has that I want I can get for our Playstation II as well.

So I want a Game Cube. I mean, it's better than flowers, which I am allergic to anyhow. And I don't need any coffee mugs or vases or scary statues of little kids frolicking in the garden.

I just want to play Super Mario Sunshine Zelda.

UPDATE Just to clear up some confusion (and to stop the flow of emails from people telling me to get a PS2) we already have a PS2. In fact, we have two of them, in addition to:

One Sega
One Nintendo
One N64
Two Playstations
One Dreamcast
Two Gameboys
One Gameboy Advance
One Atari 2600, still in working condition, with the games.


No that's not weird. The CINC and I want the same thing but we're waiting 'til the kids move out.

Plus I think you can get the Game Cube at $149 with a game (including Metroid Prime) right now.

Wonder if I can pull the old "I'm a mother to my cat" trick and get a gift.

"And if it's not, which one do I ask for?"

That's pathetic. You'd avoid asking if a bunch of internet losers said it was wierd?

Oh well. The X-Box is a bit better harware wise and has a much larger selection of games. I hear rumors that the Cube is not long for this world.

I don't know if the Box still more expensive.

The Cube positives are:
1. it's probably cheaper
2. If you like cute games aimed at small kids and their parents, then nintendo may be the company for you. If you want a larger selection then definiately go for the X-box

Let me recap a bit clearer.

Buy the X-Box.

First off, asking for something you really want is never weird.

The Cube is $50 cheaper and has more high-quality exclusives. As Michele already noted, pretty much anything you'd want on the Xbox is also on PS2 (and the PS2 version is usually more polished, since it sells way better and can thus demand more resources). If not for Panzer Dragoon and Jet Grind Radio I wouldn't have an Xbox at all.

GameCube obviously if you like Mario, XBox if you want to add to Bill Gates fortunes, but I am still a PS2 guy. My kid does have a Cube though and loves it. The nice thing about PS2 is the added DVD feature, no bells or whistles just drop your DVD in and you have a DVD player a well.

I've also heard that Nintendo is struggling with the Cube sales.

The other day at Best Buy I was shopping for some games and saw a woman there who was playing a video game on a big screen HDTV. She was probably late 30's and did not fit the typical video game junkie persona at all. i actually thought about you Michele, so no, I don't think that it is weird at all. My wife needs her Tetris fix everyday so there you have my two cents.

And thanks for reminding me about the upcoming mothers day thing.

May is a hard month for me...Mothers Day, wife's birthday, and anniversary. so needless to say I need a new round of gift ideas myself.

X box has progressive scan HDTV output.

I have a PS 2. It has half the virtical resolution of an X box. If you want to play split screen multiplayer games, the x box is much better,

The X box also has a DVD player, though you have to pay an extra $20 or so for the controler to use it. But neither DVD player is as good as a stand alone. for one thing, in order to keep people from pirating games they made sure that home burned DVDs and disks won't play in the game machines. the game machines won't play VCDs either

Ian said "PS2 version is usually more polished"

He's just wrong about that. I have friends in the game industry (and used to be in it myself). Believe me I know what I'm saying when I say that X Box games are usually much prettier than their PS 2 versions. The X Box is a generation further in the video hardware. Trust me on this

Hey, I turn 40 next month and I asked for a PS2 for Christmas. My kids have a Gamecube. If I were you, I'd ask for the Gamecube and then buy the X-Box Lite which is rumored to be coming out later this year at about half the price.

Asking for a gamecube is acceptable; asking for an x-box is not. But that's probably just my prejudices 1.) against Microsoft and 2.) against large controllers. But yeah... Gamecube is cheaper and has great games. And it's so little and cute!

go with xbox. nintendo's stubborn refusal to go along with industry standard is their freakin downfall. plus the Cube has no online play. weak. the xbox has a hard rive with allows for much much more memory storage without dealing with memory cards. the load times, graphics, sounds, and game quality is better. look, i love sony and the ps2 still has some good games, but the xbox has just been getting better and better.

X-box. It costs more because of the built in hard drive and broadband connection, both of which you'll have to pay extra for if you choose the Gamecube.

Nintendo's having issues right now. Several third party software companies are scaling back support for the Gamecube system. At the same time these companies are revving up

X-box is also more powerful, so games issued across all hardware platforms are going to look better on it (usually). Case in point - Hunter: The Reckoning I've seen it on X-box and Gamecube. Looked like shit on the Gamecube - frame skips, low detail, not as many characters on screen. Rocks the world on Xbox. Buy it first if you choose the Xbox - shooting Zombies and Gore Creatures with multiplayer support, and you can find it for about $20 now. Trust me, it's your kind of game. Silent Hill 2 might be right up your alley as well, and on the Xbox version you get an extra scenario with a new character.

And the 'Platinum Hits' Xbox collection (of which Silent Hill 2 is part of) can all be purchased for $20 retail. There's no dearth of cheap games for the Xbox if you look around.

You can also rip CD's for your own custom soundtracks in a lot of Xbox games. I know you'd dig that feature the most.

Xbox has little controllers now, and comes with TWO games. I think Best Buy throws in a THIRD game during specials they run from time to time.

Which one should you buy?

Which one vibrates?

That should give you the best game playing experience.

Nintendo's having issues right now. Several third party software companies are scaling back support for the Gamecube system. At the same time these companies are revving up

software support for the Xbox. Sorry. didn't finish that thought.

Love or hate Bill Gates, Xbox is the best system out there right now. There is no contest. Software companies are learning to take advantage of all the extra processing power, too - just check out the screen shots and preview of Castle Wolfenstein here:


(shooting Nazi undead is gonna be SO COOL)

and then read this article about Nintendo's current woes here:


Don't get me wrong, Gamecube is a decent system, but you will notice the games drying up shortly. My Gamecube-owning buddy already regrets his purchase.

Josh: I'm in the industry now, and "polish" does not refer to graphics. Now admittedly a lot of the PS2's playability advantage is due to it's having the world's finest controller (also a liability of the Cube), but I can assure you more "tweek" time is spent on PS2 versions.

Here's the bottom line: game systems should be bought for the software, not the hardware. Michele wants to play Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and Zelda, and you can't do that on anything else. Ergo, any platform penis wars are irrlevant.

PS: the Xbox "rip" feature is limited to WMA only at a fixed 96 kbps rate. And you cannot transfer the songs to/from your PC. Were it MP3 and you could transfer to/from your PC and iPod, it would indeed be a killer feature :)

A game system is an excellent Mother's Day gift!

We have both the Xbox and the Game Cube. The Game Cube has been played to death. The Xbox was played for a couple of months and then abandoned.

My hands on opinion, go for the Cube!

Screw the X-Bore. PS2 is the weakest system of the 3, so screw that one. The GameCube is great. Play Mario Party 4. If you thought crack was addictive......

Got all three... go for the Cube. The XBox has some good exclusives, but too many of the ports are just hack jobs that add next to nothing. My Cube gets much higher usage compared to the box, and I've just gotten the PS2 recently...

Alos, for the Super Puzzle Fighter.... don't forget you'' need the Game Boy Player add-on (releases in May sometime) if you want to play GBA games on the TV.

As for the "Cube dying" folks.... even with scaled back 3rd-party support, it's still hella better than the N64 days. As well, some of the reason they've not been selling well is that the ports blow (same as the X-Box). I mean, really... Tony Hawk 4 stutters on the cube, but is silky smooth on the PS2..>WTF??? The GC is capable of much more than the porting devs are doing.

Summary. All the game systems are cool as can be. There's even a place for people who buy obsolete systems like, say the japanese version of the dreamcast, and then go scrounging up cheap games... There's an anime store around here that caters to people like that.

I'm not saying YOU'RE the sort to stamp collect obsolete stuff, but it does have the advantage of being cheap.

Yeah. Gotta catch 'em all ;-)

Absolutely un-weird. Ask for what you want.

My wife wants the unbelievably romantic Sears Craftsman Professional Stapler/Brad Nailer, Heavy-Duty, EasyFire™ Forward Action™ with Rapid-Fire. She's either got a major reupholstering job coming up or plans to shut us up permanently...

get the gamecube. the games are just ... better. zelda? mario sunshine? mario party? animal crossing? rogue leader?

i've got a ps, a couple psones, ps2, n64, a couple dreamcasts, a saturn (street fighter anyone?) two gamecubes (my wife an i like playing phantasy star online -- and splitscreen blows!) ... and no xbox. there isn't a single xbox title that remotely appeals. halo? castle wolf? please. FPS games are meant to be played with a mouse and keyboard ;)

unless you're really into sports sims or shooters, there really isn't much to recommend the xbox, imo. sure, you could argue it's technically superiour. but who cares if there's nothing you want to play on it?

come to think of it, you know what really matters : look at the games available for either platform, and get the one that hosts more games you actually want to play.

which means, of course, the gamecube. zelda trumps all!


its fun

buy the gamecube. the xbox stalls, wont play some of the games (morrowind for one) and is an overpriced piece of hardware that plays most of the games you can play on your computer.

hell, its cheaper and more worthwhile in the long run to simply get a kickass computer that can play any game you want and have as many games as you want on it.

oh, and the gamecube has pikman...which is either a colossal waste of time or a really fun game that you spend hours playing.

I got the cube for my 6 year old and me,and we love it.Mario 4 and Super Monkey Ball are our faves,and the wireless controllers rule.I'm addictes to Mario Sunshine..

Josh, we are one of those people with the Japanese version of Dreamcast.

Go figure.

No, it's not bad to ask for something you want. My 50th birthday is coming up, and I want a new dining room light fixture, outdoor flood lights and a wet/dry vaccum. So sue me, I'm not a romantic.

On the other question, I'd get the Game Cube. The grandsons have an X-Box and it's all right, but the Game Cube's games are better.

Imperial Keeper of Killer Lagomorphs

Michele I think that's cool, but I was to embarassed to admit it. I guess it's my turn to be pathetically shallow.

Nah, it ain't weird. Not asking for something you really want just because you think it's weird is what's weird. ;-)

katydid, I think your immature "my system is cool and all the other suck ass" routine is cute. You're reminding me of highschool.

While the X-Box may look pretty, it's controller is a pain in the ass to handle, in my opinion. Go with a PS2, a lot of X-Box exclusive games are coming to that now (Splinter Cell, for example).

Gaming consoles, bah, they're for the faint of heart. For REAL men and women with balls, I see nothing wrong with a whup arse PC, coupled with a cool top of the line logitech controller to get your gaming kicks going. I use emulators to play gaming console games, though the latest emulator I have is for the N64, been out of the mainstream for a while so i dont know what latest emulators are out there now, but there's nothing quite so invigorating as playing Super Punchout on an N16 emulator. brings back so many memories....


What's the budget for Mother's Day gifts in the US of A these days?

Holy shit. I'm gonna get me a sex change, a visa and a mail-order baby. Better believe it...

the Wiz near me has the XBox and 2 bundled games for $140

X-box games are 40%

(liquidation sale, since the Wiz is going out of business)

I'd try the Wiz stores in LI, and if not and you need me to check, I can drop by the one in Scarsdale and poke around for you.

I should point out that Microsoft sells smaller controlers for the X Box.

They started out as a thing for the Japanese market, but there's an american version too.

I was going to actually add a lot to the console conversation here, but I will jus say this:
Atari 2600 kick ass!

Screw consoles! Gimme my computer!

I do want a PS2 though...

There's a new gameboy out, gameboy advanced sp? It looks like a little lap top. grin get the cube for mother's day, and umm, xbox just because. Camcom is releasing games ONLY on xbox, like resident evi, ect.

Huh. I had heard that XBox sales were going to miss the targets for this year... but some of those reports were for the international market.

What you really need, obviously, is an Atari Lynx.

Because, hey, you don't have one, right?

heh. lack of sleep. blame it aaaaall on lack of sleep.

to be more ooherant and actually say something worthwhile...

have you taken a look at the xbox? its fucking huge. there is no reason any game console should be that size, not with the technology we have. i mean, the ps2 is the size of a textbook.

the gamecube is tiny. you can carry it around with you and plug it up at friends houses, then kick their asses at mario party.

plus you can plug your gba into the gamecube for certain games and use it as either an extra controller, a portable version of the game, or to help you in the game (zelda has a character that you call for help by using the gba connected to the gamecube).

and yeah, super mario sunshine kicks ass. along with most of the other gamecube games. theyre all these tiny little mini-cds. plus you can definetly play about 90% of all the xbox games on a pc. and most of them work better on the pc than they do on the xbox.

just my opinion. granted, it comes from massive amounts of research into this whole area, and many nights staying up playing games on various systems, but what the hell. =)

x-box kicks ass.. i think gamecube is kind of dying away anyway. nintendo is bad about replacing its technologies too often- N64 went down like a sack of rocks. i mean, come on.. a cartridge when sony was using cds for years? that's just ridiculous. (plus, xbox has better killin'!)