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plug time

Andy promised if I posted this he would sexually harass me. And for every person I send over to his site, he will give me a dollar. And for every person that votes or nominates someone, Andy will remove a piece of clothing and the take pictures of himself when it's all over. I hear he has a cute ass.

Jon at World Wide Rant says:

Either tomorrow or the next day (for I shall act in my own time, selah), I'll be asking for nominees for the First Annual John Wilkes Booth Awards for Oustanding Achievement in Misguided Political Activism by an Actor or an Actress, or as they shall be known henceforth and in all of my official biographies, The Booty Awards. So be thinking of some names (Susan Sarandon? Michael Moore? Sean Penn? Third Dixie Chick from Right?) as we're all going to vote and then go with my decision.
and before you start ranting about celebrities being allowed to voice their opinion about the war, dissent is American, blah blah, please note that Jon is a flaming liberal.

You know what to do.


Done! Now he'd better start stripping!

He's owes you another dollar. I went.

Newsday called you the "Long Island Housewife". Is that the Long Island Lolita all grown up?

I nominated Janeane Garafalo...for obvious reasons.

Aargh! I forgot about that. Really, I was torn between the two. I should've given Penn points for at least being a 2nd Amendment supporter. ;)

Goodness, woman - I ask a kindly favor and you have to turn it into some personal quest for sexual gratification.

Well, alright.

Hey, don't forget to drop a dollar in the Paypal tip jar while you're over there!

(Perhaps they'll not detect my clever ruse!)

There should also be the Baldy, in dishonor of Alec Baldwin, given out to a celebrity who most egregiously welches on a promise related to political activism. Janeane Garofalo would be this year's winner.

Eww. He used "Michael Moore" and "booty" in the same sentence

I have seen Andy's ass and trust me...you donwannaknow what I have seen. ;-)

That was years ago, dear - it's so much better now. All firmed up and everything. Next time I'm out your way, I'll let you touch it.

I didn't know that Sierra Nevada made a Buns of Brews workout video? ;-)