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i had to do it

So, if all the Iraq fugitives head to Syria and Syria puts them up, can we call it Bed, Ba'ath and Beyond?


Probably more fitting than Shalom Depot

Well, if we consider that we'd be fighting people with towels on their heads, we could call it "Linens & Things".

Oh, bad, bad puns! LOL!

groan the punishment is alost too much to bare...more please.

Or how about ‘Bedouin, Ba’ath, and Beyond?

I don't know...I kinda always thought of Syria as a country between Iraq and a hard spot (Lebanon) ~~Back to lurk mode as I am sure my IP will be banned after that one.

Mad props on the Newsday right up. Not too shabby for a normal NY housewife. You shoulda told them about ASV though too--it's a much better work IMHO.

Hopefully "Dead Ba'ath and Beyond," actually.

Okay, enough with the puns, or you guys are going to be in deep Shiite.

ENOUGH! I've jihad it up to here with you guys!

michele: congrats on the article in newsday. first the blogosphere, then the world!

giggle snort

That's just not right.

How do you blog a rim-shot?


I am punless. First time for everything. You all just beat me to 'em.

I don't know, David, but I'm quite sure it's easier than blogging a rim job.

The Russians helped Saddam Hussein and his son Uday escape to Syria ....

... according to this report in India's national newspaper, The Hindu.

OK,kinda OT,but with all of the press on the packs of French underwear they found,Isee no mention of what style thay were.Tighty whiteys?Thongs?latex boxers?Anyone privy to this info?

You want Middle East puns? I've got your puns right HERE!

Or as we say in Texas... Jeeee Haaaa d

Are you sure Turkey wasn't holding out just so they could get a share of Bed, Ba'ath and Beyoglu?

Dave from bushtit wins with his "blogging a rim job". That's everyone else's cue to give up and don't quit their day jobs.

And then, when we go all Afghanistan on their asses, it will be known as "Bloodbath and Beyond."

You know, I always wanted to make a gaming company named that...