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five minutes of local fame

Look ma, I'm famous!

Guess who's running of one of the hottest Web logs about the war in Iraq, updated constantly with TV, radio and newspaper reports.

A policy wonk sitting in Washington? A techno-geek in a converted Silicon Alley garage?

Would you believe Michele Catalano, a Long Island mother of two?

It's times like this that I'm glad I don't link to this site from Command Post. Newsday is my local paper and my phone has been ringing like crazy today.

You're in the paper!
I know.
I always thought it would be for something else...
Don't worry. I'll kill him yet.

Today, I am the "mother of all webloggers." Tommorrow, I'll just go back to being "that crazy chick."

So fleeting is fame.


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Congrats! A good article, except for the part where they included a known plagiarist (agonist).

Heheh! Cool!

Insta-boy must be GREEEEEEEEEN with envy.

Well, he linked to it too, so it's doubtful.

Very cool, Michele!

You're like a media sensation or something. LOC, prominent mentions in various news outlets - all well deserved!

I was joking, Jim.

Tres neat-o. And I totally understand the "kill him yet" comment. I have one of those, too.

In the words of Dr. Evil:

Michele's on fire!!

Seriously, great job. Well deserved!

D'oh! Sorry, Dave.

Congrats! Now all you need is a mention in the Arab News... got a burkah ready for the photo? ;)

Lies! All Lies! Nobody has viewed that site. Not one person! This is just another infidel trick!

I feel a haiku coming on:

Michele's Command Post
Updated by the second
I need to get laid.


Congrats. Well-deserved recognition.

Congrats, Victory Girl. You deserve a some recognition. (Deep sweeping bow).

Even though they make you sound like June Cleaver.


However fleeting your "fame" is, it's well deserved recognition. :)

How dare you! Aren't you supposed to be blogging about your latest hair cut and the pool boy and stuff like that?

Hey! They called ya an "amateur" blogger. No way. You're a pro blogger, babe!

I'd take umbrage.

If I could find it.

Southwest of Tikrit isn't it?

Well, she may not be June Cleaver, but I'll still be her Haskell any day!

In all seriousness, though, congratulations, Michele. AND YAY!!!!!!!

Woohoo! Nobody deserves the publicity more. Good job!

Though I, too, was alarmed that they included The Agonist. Oh well.

Congratulations! You rawk! Woooo!

Congrats, Michele!

You'll always be "that crazy chick" to me.

Congrats on creating an amazing site and getting recognized for it by "normal" people!

And we can say we knew you when .... :-)


Fifteen... fourteen,,, thirteen... fame is so fickle.

Now that you're amazingly famous and all, just remember who taught you how to make lemon drops. ;)

Congrats, girlie. You rock!


I love that you get such deserved attention, but sometimes I get a little irritated that they always go with the "Long Island mother of two" description.

As do I, Melly.

Why can't they ever say "exhibitionist wife of a 23 year old?" Or "Tequila-drinking, head-banging, potty-mouth mother of two."

I'd even settle for "bloodthirsty warmonger right wing conspiracy theorist and mother of two," rather than the June Cleaver gig.

Congrats Michele!

How fucking cool is that? Congratulations!

You'll still sign my boobies, right?

sweeeeet :)

Congratulations #34!

Congrats, babe! You deserve the recognition!


Nothing contradictory about being both "mother of all bloggers" and "crazy chick", btw. ;-)

Congrats, but you'll always be "that crazy chick" to me.