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'alligator boy' should have been the first clue

If a friend ever says to you "Hey, want to watch a movie about these guys that go on a road trip and some mob boss is after them and they pick up Selma Blair on the way and they meet an alligator boy and an aging hippie and there's this scene with Nirvana fans lighting candles when Kurt Cobain died and that guy from Donnie Darko is in it and so is Jared Leto with a really bad mullet," run as fast as you can. Don't look back.

Trust me. The person who asks you to sit through this movie is no friend.


Jared Leto is a werewolf...note the close-set eyes...

Can't be as bad as Swimfan. I swear they generated that plot on the Cliche3000 movie making computer.

Yeah, I saw part of that one. The first 10 minutes or so were pretty cool, but I lost interest halfway through and changed the channel. I had no idea John C. McGinley had such great abs, though. He's like, what, 45? I'd do anything for abs like that. Well, anything but eat less and exercise.

It can't possibly be as bad as "Lost Highway"

A friend loaned me his copy, and didn't understand when I returned it after only watching the first 1/4 of it.

He still says "That's the movie Josh hates for no reason"

I guess my explanation of why "Lost Highway" doesn't qualify as absurdist was lost on him.

It has to be better than "Phone Booth" or FearDotCom".

Hey did you see today's "Daily Carlinism"?

I thought of you for some reason... :0)

Bah. You call those bad movies? I see them all, and raise you this:


In my defence, I only watched it because it was on a triple bill with Rob Roy & Tank Girl.

The Ninth Gate was about the worst movie I've ever seen all the way thru.
the worst I've managed to avoid seeing all of was Final Destination
which has, unfortunately spawned a sequel...

Is there such a thing as a good mullet?


bad movies?

try Nudist Colony of the Daed--or Curse of the Queer-Wolf.

Brain damage does indeed ensue.

worse is having a friend that is so enamored of wretched cinema that she's thrilled to know that the 'director/producer/writer of these movies has a new one in the works.

"Voodoo Academy". By far the worst piece of dreck I've ever seen.

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