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at the edge of.....sanity

Stevie Nicks writes a letter to the troops.


Dear Troops,

I am insane. May angels tell you what to do. May those angels vary in size and speak foreign languages (Watch out for the miniature French one). May you have a clearer understanding of what you are supposed to be doing than I do. You are doing the right thing. No, wait you are doing the wrong thing. The colorful angels will push you the right way. And then they will make you start all over again. I love you. I am insane.

Peace, love, faeries and tambourines forever.



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i like yours MUCH better... have you ever considered translation as a side job??

peace and hairy gnomes forever,


I was hoping the multi-colored angels would give me something witty to say, but they have failed!

Treadmills + wind machines + lacy shawls = 80s perfection.

every time i hear the name stevie nicks i think of that south park episode when they name that goat SN... i don't know why but i find tha very funny

How do we know that wasn't Nicks in a cocaine stupor, writing a letter to the Gulf War soldiers?

Stevie Nicks was hot during the Rumors era. I bet she could've casted all sorts of sex spells back then.

I bet it never occured to her to actually put any versions of that letter into envelopes and MAIL them. No doubt any troups who get that letter will have to have it delivered by angels.

It's too bad, I'm sure the letter would boost morale, somehow or other.

I'll admit that I am a big fan of Fleetwood Mac. I read her letter to the troops right after it came out and thought, "Holy Shit. What a dippy letter." C'mon now Stevie. But you know, as bad as the letter is, at least she isn't being all asshatted like, oh, her buddy Sheryl Crow. But then again, Fleetwood Mac did perform at Clinton's inaugural. (sick.) Oh well.. Thanks for the translation!! I am insane too.

Stevie can get better information at Baghdad Bob's new website:


Wow, you can really distort what a letter says by not showing all of it.

I read you're version and I think... geeze what a fruit cake.
Then I read hers and it makes sence to me.
But, I've always had this wierd thing for Stevie Nicks.

No no no no no no no no. I don't which one is funnier, or for what reason!

Did Momford help write that? My head got that same spinning, one-too-many citron & tonics, feeling.

stevie nicks is a floaty crazy madwoman...but she's supporting the troops.

It might be insane rambling, but, by gods, it's insane rambling that's in favor of what we're doing.

And, if celebrities can be idiots AGAINST the war, why can't there be celebrity idiots FOR the war?

Stevie Nicks' letter isn't that bad ... just a little flighty.

This is more about Long Island v. Los Angeles than anything.