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proper hygiene is important!

I thought DJ's game was at 1:00 today.

The phone just rang. DJ, calling from his dad's house.

Mom, can you bring my Yankee jacket to the game today?
Sure, I'll be there at 1.
The game starts at 9.
Oh. What time is it now?
Quarter to nine.
Ok, I'm leaving the house now.
Wash your face and brush your teeth first, ok?

I can't be sure, but I think he was mocking my mothering. But I did make sure to wash and brush. I even put extra deodorant on for good measure.

And when I get there, I'm going to inspect his teeth and behind his ears. In front of everyone.

That will teach him to mock me!


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oh....and when you see him say "There's Mommy's little superstar" that one is good for a laugh too.

You are the best mom ever!!!

I love the piece on the son, When the kids get older and now that you have on teenager, remember the one weapon you have left, is embarrasment. You can always embarrass the heck out of them, like checking behind his ear when you hand him the Yankee jacket. . PS- When the kids hit 20, they will realize that you are indeed the wisest.

You should have pinched his cheek, or kissed him and left a big lipstick marked. My mom did that to me once, and it took MONTHS before I got out from under...

That's hilarious.


Yup, embarrass the hell out of 'em. It's been my daily goal since they hit puberty (I learned it from MY mom).

You should lick your finger and wipe some dirt off his face. That'll do it.

Man, I can relate to that conversation.. When I was a kid, my brother and I used to beg our mom to let us put shoes on before we left the house. Not because we didn't have them, but just because she didn't want to waste the time, and didn't see the need. Or we'd beg her to put her shoes on... "Mom, none of the other mothers go everywhere barefooted..." It never worked.