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help this ass make a difference

It's photoshop time!

Please help Todd. Todd wants his ass to make a difference. Help Todd make a statement. Use his ass. Abuse his ass. Start a movement. The message IS the medium, kids. Use it wisely.

photo (below) used with permission. offer void in certian parts of tampa bay



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Damn! Can I just buy him dinner and try to get down his pants instead?

and to think I was in there waiting for him to jump back in... heheheheeeeee

It's true! He really does have an ass! I wasn't sure after the boxer pics from last weekend...

Speaking of asses... I'm losing a frienf over this war/antiwar thing...

In the end our long arguments came reduced down to him telling me I'm evil because I'm supporting a Republican administraion's actions (and of course Republicans are the definition of evil).
He didn't have any arguments left about Iraq or totalitarianism or war apparently... But he's still sending be insulting emails.

Wow. If Americans can be that sectarian over political parties that some of us have trouble telling apart, how much hope does the Middle East have to settle any differences in less time than it takes the old generation to die off a couple times?

Mrs. Du Toit isn't comfortable about it. Read "A house Divided" in the Essays section of her site.

Umm, Michele, how would Todd feel knowing HUNDREDS of people are playing with his ass on your orders? ;)

I just wanna go pinch that bum!

Wow...I remember his ass being a lot more glaringly white!! Good job on that puppy.


Tracy -- that photo was unedited. Seriously.


Americans (especially liberals) substitute political beliefs for religious ones. But it's not really an issue of settling differences -- Planet Earth is not Utopia. It's an issue of "sticks and stones..." As long as liberals and conservatives don't start shooting each other en masse (and I don't think that'll happen), there's no problem.

ive never wanted to use or abuse an ass less. sorry todd.

now if you could get me j-lo's ass to play with...

you mean j-lo's asses, dont you? there's no way that's just one.

Shake it baby!

Eggo, you're right, this is just my personal problem, not America's..

It's sure disappointing when friends decide that protecting their egos from the truth is more important than friendship.

(shudder) Sorry, there are some places even I won't put a clone tool...