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comic shopping report

Today's trip was mainly to restock some things that are in storage in Pennsylvania (Justin's previous home) which we will probably never getting around to retrieving. Of course, we did pick up a few extra goodies on the way.

I really hate comic/toy stores that will sell their action figures by sets only. All the TMNT, Muppet, Dirty Pair and Dawn of the Dead (pre-order) figures were sold in sets of four or more, though I know you can get them separately in other places.

Anyhow here is today's take, written down for public record so Overseer of the Royal Comic Collection1 Alex can add it to his records.

Neil Gaiman - The Last Temptation
Neil Gaiman/John Bolton - Harlequin Valentine
Sandman: Dream Country; A Game of You; The Wake; Fables and Reflections
Warren Ellis: Transmetropolitan: Year of the Bastard
Landry Walker/Eric Jones: Little Gloomy (never read it before, looked interesting)
Issue #1 of some weird looking comic from SLG called Skelebunnies(Tommy Kovac) - how can I pass up on any comic with the title Spanktacular!

Street Fighter: Mini Ryu (to go with Akuma and Chun Li - we just need Ken to finish that set)
Ghost in the Shell - Major Motkok Kusanagi

1 I never did give out all the titles available in the Empire with No Name. Just poet laureate and comic overseer. Everything else is still up for grabs.


I am so Head Royal Harem Girl.

I'd like to be Minister of Slack and Procrastination

Can I have Baghdad Bob's job?

You mean there's no DAN Street Fighter figure to be had? That's ashame.

Well there is a Dan, but this particular set I had was of the Puzzle Fighter variety and came with only those four figures.

Which Motoko? Those new Man Machine Interface figures are pretty sweet looking...

somebody's finally making Dawn of the Dead action figures????

shitshitshit, i didn't get the memo...

searching google right now for pix...


Except... I want figures of non-zombified steven and fran and peter and roger. dressed to the hilt in bullets and rifles from mall gun store.