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Love shack, baby love shack

US troops have discovered what they described as Saddam Hussein's "love shack" in Baghdad.

The tally:

mirrored bedroom
lamps shaped like women
air-brushed paintings of a topless blonde woman
another of a moustached hero battling a crocodile
beanbag chairs
fine china of the Kuwaiti royal family, complete with the family seal
bright blue, pink and yellow throw pillows
kingsize bed in an alcove, with mirrors on two sides and a fantasy painting on the third.

Part of this is all very parody-ready, and we could make a million jokes about Saddam's gauche decorating sense. I'm sure we will.

But there's that sad, bitter part of this story. This "love shack" is a testament to the cruelty of a man that could live his life so lavishly while he starved and tortured his people. And he ate his meals off the plates stolen from the very people he trampled on.


Ok, you can make jokes now.


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you know the very thought of that man even having sex
makes me wretch

feel so sorry for the women he had to go there

what a scumbucket

you would think anyone who looked like him
wouldn't want mirrors around

and the nightmare part?

video camera system


Ahhh the life of a terrorist. I can't wait until the pictures of Saddam's mutilated body get released on the web...bound to happen soon.

I started a parody of the B-52's Love Shack about this but I kept thinking about SoDamned Insane slobbering over some woman/women and, well, my stomach is empty, I'm not hungry, and my carpet will never be the same.

I am here to tell you, the Americans are not in Saddam's Palace of Pleasure. Further, if they were, they would surely feel inadequate in the presence of the moustached one's virility and greatness. I am only telling you the truth; nineteen out of twenty concubines, when asked "Is Saddam hot?" say yes. The twentieth one met with an unfortunate accident, it grieves me to say.

The thought that there's an amateur Saddam collection somewhere truly gives me the creeps. Can you imagine if someone gets ahold of these babies and puts them on the Internet? I may never watch a porno again.

Beanbag chairs? Jeebus cripes, that is so 1970s...

And you know why crocodiles don't bite Iraqi dictators? Professional courtesy.

Beanbag chairs? Women-shaped lamps? Mirrored beds?

It sounds like we finally have undeniable proof of Saddam's crimes against humanity!

Where did he get all this stuff? Perhaps a bed and Ba'ath sale?

It may sound tacky described second-hand, but to understand this love nest in action, we really need to hear Peter Arnett's impressions.

Don't forget the navy blue shag carpet! (last paragraph)

Mike, don't you dare touch "Love Shack" It's one of my favorite dance songs and thinking about Saddam might ruin it.