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a protest by any other name

What do you do when the movement you started falters?

You change the goal of the movement.

What orginally started as an anit-war cause quickly turned into an anti-George Bush cause. As it got closer to the war actually started, they went back to claiming they were anti-war.

Now that we are three weeks into the war and we have basically liberated Iraq, decimated the Saddam regime and freed children from jails, the peace movement has undergone another change.

It is now the anti-occupation movement.

Keep moving the goalpost kids. You'll run out of cute phrases eventually and just give up and go home.

See, Occupation is not Liberation. ANSWER is sponsoring a rally by that name today. Too bad the rally had been planned for ages as an anti-war statement. Too bad the anti-war statement has become all but null and void. But far be it for these people to shut up and go home. No, they just put on a different costume and march anyhow. How else will they get so many people in one place where they can pass their donation hats around?

Oh, wait. They still want to stop the war. I'm as confused as they are!


Why must you get me all riled up on a Saturday?! Perhaps these protesters should get themselves some jobs and stop being such a drain on the economy.


Saw a report on FOX that the ANSWER folks were 'forced' to begin their march at 2pm (time specified on their permit) - they wanted to delay because several buses of participants they were expecting hadn't shown up...

Sure were lots of people over at the support the troops rally though!

Good news for the movement, as this is one battle they can win.

Considering that we don't plan on occupying Iraq indefinitely, they will, relatively soon, be able to declare victory.

Did you see the anti-war guy on Foxnews today?

I don't remember his name, but now he and his organization is going all the way back to the 1980s and blaming the U.S. for starting the whole mess that led to this war.

God, these people will never get over their self hate.

It's like the damn hippies who blame Cristopher Columbus for discovering the New World and leading us to all the problems in world today.

Crazy motherf*ckers.

It's Adam and Eve...they're to blame.

Okay, let's give the whole shebang back to the Ba'ath shitheels and be nice, moral people like the ANSWER wet-sucks want. Then we can watch as hundreds of thousands are slaughtered in retribution. Or is ANSWER going to garrison Iraq?

Jefferson: only if Adam was an American. I think he and God conspired to form a "phallocracy"..

Anyway "occupation" is what Palestinians call it when Israelis try to protect themselves from being blown up by crazy idiots who have no army but make invading a nuclear power the only goal they'll stop at.

Luckily (?) for ANSWER the propagada machinery of 7 totalitarian countries are working 24/7 creating lies and catchy slogans to obscure these facts. So there's a trendy manufactered cachet to bullshit about "the occupation".

Funny, but clever antisemetic propaganda is the only popular product that the Arabs manufacture. You can't really give them any credit for creating oil, after all. So the poor fucked up Palestinians and the concern about their engineered tradgedy is their only cultural export.

Oh and I have to mention that just as the Palestinians are so indocrinated that they always choose the dumbest allegiances like Bin Ladin and Saddam Hussien, only ANSWER is dumb enough to hitch its star to Arafat's kiddies.

Which part of "Human shields, you US wankers" don't they understand?

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I think that falls under the catagory : PROTESTING FOR THE SAKE OF PROTESTING it's a full time job for some of them. (literally)

Sadly, when your views of a protest are created only by what appears on FOX, you sound pretty smug and foolish. Most of the protestors I work with would love to get jobs, but see, they're vets from the 1st Gulf War and they get little or no veterans benefits despite being completely disabled.

Honestly, I hate ANSWER at least as much as you do, but I would suggest getting out and talking to people before you condemn a movement based on what you see on TV. FOX never shows the 1000s of vets and military families at the protests, that might demonstrate that this war isn't as black and white as those who view the world through hate-colored glasses would like.

Criticize the peace movement, please. Any movement that cannot survive criticism doesn't deserve to survive. But don't spew ignorance based on what you see in your cozy warm living room while veterans of recent wars and their families suffer. Why don't you go volunteer at the VA for a while and see what the cost of war is to our own troops, even if you don't care about the Iraqis and Kurds? And dont' give me the "I work for a living" excuse cause honey all the volunteers I work with have at least one fulltime job and families to support too.

It's hard to put your actions where your words are though. It's much easier to judge from a distance.


I would like to clarify that i was speaking of 2 seperate sets of protestors above, the veterans groups and the activists who also work for non-profits. The groups overlap some, but only one group has the luxury of being able-bodied enough to work.

Thanks Skarlet, but my views come from more than Fox.

I've attended quite a few protests just to get a glimpse of what is out there.

My views come from not only knowing many of these protesters and conversing with them about the issues, but from their own revelations about themselves on Indymedia and the like.

Why is that everytime a protester wants to denounce what a pro-war person has to say they resort to using the line "You watch Fox so you don't know what you are talking about."

My news comes -daily -from about 100 different sources of varying ideologies from all over the world.

I don't wear Sean Hannity blinders.

I referred to FOX because FOX was referred to in the comments. I could make gross generalizations too from attending a few pro-war rallies and talking to a few pro-war people. I've learned that Jews control the media and should have been wiped out by the holocaust, making the world a much better place. (this from a large group of god bless america new yorkers), that arabs are "sand niggers" and that war is ok because it's not like white kids will get drafted. Yet I can refrain from making the gross generalizations that pass as intelligent commentary here and other places. The double standards are interesting to me, that's all. The "pro-war" protestors on the mall yesterday had most assuredly changed their chants as such as well, but that's ok because that's adapting to a changing situation.

I don't know why I bother to say anything here, honestly. Frankly, I'm stunned to see my comments still here, I only checked back because I was quite certain they'd be gone.

Oh, and for the record for your fanclub, I spent 2 years working for the department of defense at walter reed, i'm not the dumb hippie your readers think i am. I'm not going to bother to reply to the hateful anti-jewish email I got from your darling readers privately, i prefer to do it publicly here and be done with it.

Skarlet, funny, I've learned that "Jews control the media and should have been wiped out by the holocaust" from anti war people too.

I was going to make a sarcastic comment at this point, but I don't want to confuse you.

And as soon as we pull out they'll say we're "abandoning" the Iraqis.

You must have me confused with someone else, Skarlet. I have NEVER deleted a comment just because someone challenged me or disagreed with me. EVER.

Skarlet, rot in hell bitch!

Who do you think you are? Are you saying that CNN and every other news station with the exception of FOX isn't totally 1 sided, biased, and liberal. I worked at CNN as a correspondent for 8 years in the Paris bureau, and you know what? I quit, because everytime I got a story to run with they shut me down if it wasn't liberal enough for them. You know, I'm gratefull to have a station like FOX where I know some fat ass wipe (Ted Turner), isn't deciding what HE wants to be aired. My god! I could right a book over the way CNN operates, don't tell ME you know all about it miss 'uninformed', and also what about the veterans that are pro-war? I see you FAILED to mention that, besides the veterans that do show up, if they can barely scrape by, why are they wasting their time protesting, why aren't they at work? Answer me that if you have any ignorance or pride left. Once you've gone to work for a major network, we'll talk. Besides, why should we NOT go to war? Is the liberation of opressed people, and the safety of our country, as well as the threat of an evil dictator who conspired with terrorists a 'bad' reason to go to war? If you think you're a humanitarian how can you sit and let this human rights violator go on with this, and don't you dare say it's all about oil.

Excuse me, I'm really riled up.

I could right a book over the way CNN operates,

You'll have a hard time getting a book published if you don't know the difference between right and write.

And that first sentence really shows your way with words.

Another outburst like that and your IP gets banned.

Stupid, crusty old hippie, your comments are ridiculous and stupid. You are an insult to human kind, and living things. You have no evidence to back you bitter comments up, It seems all liberals seem to lack facts when backing up arguments, and ya know we're living in the 'r - e - a -l w - o - r - l - d' (read that slowly so you'll understand), and in the 'r - e - a - l w - o - r - l - d' (again, read VERY slowly to avoid confusion), you have to live in reality, unless of courseyou fried your already lacking brain on LSD, then you'll say another bitter comment, and you know no matter what you say, you will never win. Not to worry, like the dinosaur you too will die out.

I know you don't appreciate being called 'hippie', so....

Oh what a coincidence! Skarlet Hater and CNN correspondent have the same IP!!

Buh-bye idiot.


I just thought I'd share this section of The Not In Our Name Fact Sheet (available to any and all who wish to download this shit):

The Occupied Territories: US-tax-payer-funded Terror “The International Community does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over any part of the occupied territories.” --US State Department Report on Human Rights Practices, February 2001 • Israel is the largest recipient of US foreign aid: US taxpayers have given the state of Israel approximately $14 million a day for the last 25 years. Taken together with the $65 million given to Egypt for keeping peace with Israel, this constitutes more than half of the US bilateral foreign aid budget worldwide. (Source: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs)
• The Occupied Territories (the West Bank and Gaza) were conquered by military force in 1967. In response to this act of aggression, the UN Security Council issued Resolution 242 (which the US voted for) emphasizing “the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war.” Further, 242 calls for
“the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the [1967] conflict.” Scores of UN resolutions over the past three decades, have called upon Israel to comply with Resolution 242 with little effect; in fact, Israel has defied no less than 69 UN Security Council Resolutions and the US
has acted to veto 29 others; together with the US, Israel has consistently opposed UN resolutions, thereby blocking peace. (Source: United Nations)
• Israel refuses to end the occupation; instead, 150 new settlements have been built since 1967 and the settler population has doubled since the 1993 Oslo Peace Process began (which promised to end the expansion of the settlements) . There are now some 400,000 settlers living in the occupied territories
and East Jerusalem. There have been 2850 Palestinian house demolitions and more than 10,000 Palestinians made homeless. Moreover, Israel monopolizes water resources: Israelis use as much as 5 times the water available to Palestinians. (Source: Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions)

But noooo evidence of anti-semitism among the NION folks--nosireee, that's all made up by the VRWC.

NION and those who support it are communists. If people signed the stupid petition without knowing who NION is, then that's their stupid problem.