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blood brothers

So, did anyone else catch the Iraqi Ambassador Mohammad Al Douri hug a CNN reporter before he took off for parts unknown?

What a touching moment. I nearly puked.


I would have loved to see that.Another nail in the CNN coffin.Fuck Turner and all he hangs with.

interesting thought that Ted was married to Hanoi Jane for so long... They both protect evil dictators

And Jane is spewing her venom in Canada right now.

Interesting, though, TotalFinaElf (that french oil company with $20 billion of Saddam's oil contracts) is directly connected with PM Cretin. Cretin's daughter is married to the CEO of TotalFinaElf's largest single shareholder, and HIS brother sits on the TFE board.

Things that make ya go "Hmmmmmm..."

More like things that give me gas.

I can't believe they let him out of the country. Somebody dropped the ball here. He should have been detained and questioned.

Aww...but come on, Michele, can't you see that their EMOTIONS were more important than OBJECTIVE FACTS and REALITY?

They were SAD at having to say good-bye...doesn't that trump the fact that he prevaricated, stalled, lied for, and protected a murderous dictator?

I missed it. Damn!

Huh. I saw that interview - Fox News had about 5 seconds of extra footage. Almost as if they're selling a DVD with added features.

I've been reading your blog too long... I read that line as "before he took his pants down".