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life was nothing but an awful song

You know what song makes me cry? (There's a good reason, really)

If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

Yea....sing with me.


I have no idea what you are singing about!!

are you mocking me? bwahahah

i believe i can flyyyyyyyyyyyy i believe i can touch the sky? i think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away.. i believe i can soar , i see me running thru that open dooooooooooooooor i believe i can fly..... i believe i can fly i believe i can flyyyyyyyyyyyy

Please tell us you didn't adapt those lyrics from "The Crane Train to Emotional Well Being"...see it, be it, see it be it....

Isn't that the same dude who sang the song, "I believe I can videtape myself having sex with underage girls"??

But seriously - the instrumental part of Roy Buchanan's "The Messiah Will Come Again" and Little Village's "Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive". (Also on my list of top ten song titles.)

Is that the new Nas song . . . because i really really like that song. It all validates him as an artist and the such. . . ok, then.

i thought life was nothing but a funny funny riddle?