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alert level guide



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» Ohhhh... from The Bitch Girls
Such a good idea. Maybe one should be developed for the Bitches. It might give guys a warning for what to expect when we've been drinking. That can get scary, believe me. [Read More]

» Elevated from Inoperable Terran
Michele has a revised Homeland Security color code to indicate the true threat: Barry Manilow.... [Read More]


Ummm, I'm jammin' to some George Clinton and the PARLIAMENT FUNK-A-FUCKIN'-DELIC baybee! Oh, and I'm on my fourth VO Pres (after a tasty 3 beer lunch) so where does that put me? Elevated?

Just curious...

...it's just the dog in me...

If we ever get to red, I'm moving to France.

Hell, if we get to orange that'd be reason enough... Vive La France :P

Goddamn it, I keep checking and I'm not seeing any progress. I wants me some Barry. Come on, girl, you can make it through the rain!


diggin the meter! might have to refer to it in the future... although barry manilow might be replaces with Phil Collins

I think I'd have to have some Boy Band representation in there somewhere, and maybe put Hanson at the top. But I guess that's why you're the emperoress and I'm a lowly poet laureate.

perhaps there should also be a special Friday "Pants-O-Meter" to measure the corresponding lack of pants while drinking....

Perhaps you should consider a corresponding "Pants-O-Meter" for those special drunken Fridays...