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holy shitizzle!

Someone tried to kill Snoop Dogg today!

I am not happy about this. Someone is going to pay. Fo shizzle!

Hey, where was Suge Knight today?


fuuuuuuuuuuck dat shit, whoever da hell it was bettah watch their backs cuz no one fucks with ma dogg, snoop, NO ONE. stupid mutha fuckah!

And I thought I hated Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Suge is hopefully in jail. If not, he certainly ought to be.

Yeah, but wouldn't you try to kill Jimmy Kimmel instead? Unless someone was trying to put Snoop Dog out of his misery. "He'll be in a better place..."

Television. It will make you crazy. Studies have said so!

Suge had a falling out with Snoop, so don't rule him out just yet.

You're nobody in the rap world until someone tries to shoot you. Or until you shoot somebody. Or until you try to find a new rhyme for "bitch".

Crap! I have him in Laurence Simon's dead pool.

hikikomorii, didn't Dean Martin sing that one?

"You're nobody
Till somebody
Shoots you"

Suge was on Howard Stern this past week -- Thursday?