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down the hatch!

shots of our choosing (34) 36%
fancy girlie drinks with suggestive names (19) 20%
manly man drinks (8) 9%
wine (4) 4%
beer (13) 14%
something else that tastes like fire but has a nice after effect (16) 17%

So I'm going to to do shots of Long Island Iced teas. I think everyone wins there. Sure, the shots will be really, really big. Like beer mug big. But I'll drink it all in one gulp.

I'm starting without Todd. I'll be pantless before him!

Now, who should we toast to? You name it, I'll toast it.


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have fun, you two... how about you toast to my ass??

To the Army and the Navy, and the battles they have won.
To America the beautiful, may her colors never run.

oh geeeez, odie, you just had to go and make me look all shallow and stuff, didn't you? ;)

Toast our weblog, AMCGLTD! After being linked by your web log for the first time in... November I think it was... AMCGLTD started growing by leaps and bounds without having to shamelessly plug ourselves (AMCGLTD) in the comment sections on other, bigger, peoples' weblogs. Because we know it's sometimes considered rude to promote a weblog, like AMCGLTD, no matter how cool it is, like AMCGLTD, because it might be considered hijacking someone else's readers to visit (AMCGLTD).

Ok, ok, ok. I'll put my pants back on now. Geeze, such touchy people.

[Just a josh, hopefully to make ya smile. Really, our traffic just zoomed away the same month you put a link up to our site]

Drink to the Iraqi who gave us that great slogan: "Democracy, whiskey, sexy!"

And of course drink to Yvonne's ass.

Drink to me--the Imperial Minister of Comic Books!

What's a "manly man drink" in this context? Straight bourbon chased with stout?

Hell,I'm gonna drink to Y's cheeks!And one for the GIPPER!!!

Heh heh... how about to freedom babies everywhere. My wife can't toast appropriately for quite a few more months s

Toast Baghdad Bob for all the laughs he's provided to the world....
and sex. yeah.

Drink to Yvonne's ass! Again!

drink to michele's ass too! And of course, to all the fine makers of adult beverages, may they never run out of barley

Not at all, yvonne...your ass is certainly worthy of a toast :)

blushes ok, i feel a little better.!

Why don't you toast TCP ... cause we rock, be-ach.

And don't forget the ending, Odie:

"May the wings of liberty never lose a feather." -- Kurt Russel (Big Trouble in Little China)

Hell, drink a few to Yvonne's cheeks for me too. Then take pictures, because after all these drinks I'm willing to bet some of youse are going to be real shitfaced. :)

'....to all the cheeks I've loved before....."Oh god,he's starting to sing.Time for Bushmills

I'm downing thois nex Pres in honour of Yvonne's ass! Again! and the Empress Michelle's fine and shapely bootie! and to both TCP and IP - they both rock!

Gotta have that funk

I always toast to oral sex. :)