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hey, bartender!

I'm drinking with Todd tonight. Sure, Todd is in Florida and I'm in New York. But that's never stopped us before.

Tonight you will be choosing our drink of choice. There is a poll below, but there a few rules.

If you choose options two or three you have to include the recipes so we can both stop at the liquor store on our way home.

Anyone want to join us? No Pants Friday combined with Drunken Blogging Friday sounds awfully tempting, doesn't it?


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So terribly sorry, but I'll be busy drinking at the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, where all the hep cats and cool kids will be tonight.

Well, except for Jeff Goldstein who forgot it was tonight and made other plans.

I suggest you toast the coalition with a variety of beverages.

For the British, why not Tanqueray gin and tonic or a martini?

For the Aussies, a fine red wine from one of the many Australian vintages. (Though you need to watch out for Jacob's Creek. I think that's the one owned/distributed by a French company).

For the Yanks, there's Tito's vodka which hails from Texas, or anything from DeKuyper's which is made here in Cincinnati (at least I think it's still made here) or any beer brewed in one of the red states.

I'd be delighted to join, and a good thing...as the only voter for wine, I have to keep the entire economy of California going all by my drinking lonesome.

Can I get drunk and blog pantsless too?


I voted for shots!! Wine is fine but liquor's quicker!!

Girlie drinks. Lots of pineapple and umbrellas. Maybe a coconut tumbler.

And wear flowers and dance suggestively.

Cosmopolitains!! Beautiful, pink, girley, yummy and KICK YOUR ASS! Highly recommended.

Try my Baghdad Bob Shots. Of course, neither of you will be blogging until Monday, but you can always blame it on the American infidels.

Fancy Girlie Drinks w/Suggestive Names:

A Red-Headed Slut (shooter)

Peach Schnapps
Cranberry Juice

I've leaned a little heavier on the schnapps and juice, and that works best for me. Fix your slut how you want her, though, purely a personal choice. :-)Sounds disgusting (as do most things with Jager), but it's actually quite tasty. Really good in a frosted shot glass.

Careful, may induce some panty-droppin'.

Forgive me... this won't really fit in a SHOT glass. More like a rocks glass.

uhhhh is there any doubt i'll be drinking with you ????????

Canadian Club (it was in the cabinet ante bellum, so it is grandfathered in) and Diet Vanilla Coke.

Trust me.

I would love to vote for wine, but my problem is that I would hate to mistakenly too much of drink something that I liked so well, and find myself tasting it twice... two times of too much white wine has fairly killed my taste for it. I can't let that happen to my beloved red...

I'll have to go for the girlie drinks, perhaps interspersed with shots to keep the good feelings alive.

Michele, a lemon drop is almost as evil as sambuca. However, they're damn good.

Run a wedge of lemon around the rim of a shot glass and dip the rim in sugar. Squeeze the lemon in the glass and drop it in. Top with chilled vodka (I prefer Absolut Citron for these). Shoot.

Warning: I remember absolutely nothing about last weekend due to these things. And I do mean nothing. However, my husband and his best friend offered to show me the pictures to remind me of what I've evidently blanked out.

Another version of the Lemon Drop, one that Todd, Robyn and Dan can all vouch for...

Pour a nice icy shot of your favorite vodka.
Dip a lemon wedge in sugar.
Shoot and suck.

Life doesn't get much better than that.

The only problem is, you have to run into the next room and kiss Robyn on the lips with your sugar face every five minutes. Wait, That's not a problem at all!!

I'm game.
I"ve got a bottle of gin (Tanqueray) and some Spanish champagne.
I'm supposed to be grading homework tonight, which is what drove me to buy the gin in the first place.
The champagne was "just because it's Friday."

Man, he sure gets around. ;)

It's a little late, I know, but perhaps next time: Here's a recipe from my pledge class (UT, TriDelt, '98):

Get your blender out.
Fill it about half way with ice.
Put in one package of powdered pink lemonade mix.
Put in some Cool Whip. (To taste. The more, the fluffier.)
Pour in some vodka, (Once again, to taste. I prefer a lot. You won't taste it.)
Mix until ice becomes totally smooth.