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another one who just doesn't get it

Dem House Leader Pelosi: "The same questions remain. The cost in human lives, the cost to our budget, probably 100 billion. We could have probably brought down that statue for a lot less."

See, it wasn't all about oil. It was all about the statue.


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fucker. gotta love em try to put a negative spin on it, they look so stupid, really.

Man I can't WAIT until she gets her ass handed to her in the next election.

But I thought this was a War For Profit? Well, make back that 100 billion easy, so don't ya worry Ms. Pelosi. Don't you worry.

/end sarcasm

Ya know, I could have torn that statue down with my ass. Period.

I guess they have to justify their opposition to an obviously just and successful war somehow. Of course, short of war, I'm not sure how it is we would have brought that statue down anyway. What, was Hans Blix going to do it?

Freedom from Tyranny= $100 Billion

Freedom from Liberals= Priceless

There are some things money can't buy.

Would someone tell her to fix California please and until then, keep her botoxed mouth shut?

We could have probably brought down that statue for a lot less."

Yes, it would have only required that Hussein voluntarily disarm and step down. Or, to put it another way, when hell froze over.

I got a similar e-mail:

An e-mailer just noted that it wasn't worth the death and destruction just to see a statue fall. To you, I say, you're a fool. Would you die and kill for the freedoms we enjoy? Would you die and kill so others can enjoy them? If you answer no, then you're not worthy of those freedoms. Freedom isn't simply an American right, it's a human right, and we just enforced it.

yeah,she looks like the coupon-clipping type.

I love the fact that the Iraqui people are hugging and kissing the US soldiers. It really shows the left wingers that they are truly happy to be free. Unfortunately I believe Pelosi will win another election due to the fact that California is really swinging to the left. I love California, born and raised here, just sad to see it turn in to such a liberal state.

You clowns. She was speaking rhetorically. I like to see political debate, but if you just jump on every comment like this, and miss the point by about 100 miles, then it's just you lot that look dumb.

Pelosi was talking rhetorically like I speak Chinese. She is incapable of rational speech, let alone rhetorical. For the sake of argument, if she WERE speaking rhetorically, Michele's response was tongue-in-cheek. Sarcastic. Rhetorical. Witty.

Holy jeeminy crispus on a hot dog stick. Did it REALLY require explanation?

Yeah, jg. Good thing the left never does anything like that.

So let's suppose what she really meant was "We could've gotten rid of Saddam and liberated Iraq for a lot less". Seems to contradict all the criticism coming from the left last week saying we hadn't sent nearly enough troops and equipment. Deploying more costs more. Lots more. In truth, this has probably been the most efficient and least costly war, in terms of money AND casualties (military and civillian), in all of history. How the hell do you put a pricetag on the things we've accomplished here anyway? If it had cost 10 times what it did, I'd still be for it. And you know what else? I'd put my life on the line to get rid of Saddam and free the Iraqi people and make the world a better place. Would Pelosi, or any of those asshat protestors? HA! No way in hell.

Pelosi WAS speaking rhetorically. And her rhetoric translates to...

it wasn't worth it.

no one missed the point, jg. Except maybe you and Nancy Pelosi


hahahaha, you crack me up Michele.

Why is the only time the left worries about the cost of things is when we're at war?

Yeah, but it wasn't about that statue any more than the Cold War was about the Berlin Wall. But way to miss the point, you ass-hatted bee-yatch.

(I was talking to Pelosi, guys, not Michele, so don't kill me!)

Jack - nobody missed the point ? Have a look at the comments above. I missed the point? What point? That she was speaking rhetorically or that it wasnt worth it? Both of those were what I was explaining.
and Dave, I didn't read the full speech, so I have no idea, but perhapsd she was referring to costs like international relations. America has now established itself as completely unilateral and all-powerful. This has compounded anti-American sentiment no end - putting you at risk of extremist attacks. Next time something horrific happens, only you clowns will be surprised.