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morbid poetry corner

A call for help or a chip off the old block? You decide. Critiques, praise, recoiling in horror all welcome.

Poetry by my daughter Natalie, age 13

click for larger image/yes, she has spelling and grammar issues


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Actually it was sweet,. But I'm one who has all her dead pet's ashes along with her father's in a box to keep them safe. Nat was just acknowledging sadness and lonliness for just how it is. I give it an A

I think you have a very caring, empathetic, sensitive daughter there. You should be quite proud.

The beginnings of teenage angst.

sniff what a magical time! sniff!

That is a great poem for someone her age. Good thing she has a mom who (I'm sure) will encourage her to continue writing.

I like it.

I'd be willing to give free limerick lessons, if you'd like, your empressness.

I read the poem without reading the title (I didn't notice it.) I think she should leave it untitled. It was very intriguing as I read through it wondering what it was about. Then, at the end - it was revealed! I liked it. I always pick the runts too.

It was actually quite good. But, are you two gonna have issues one day when she finds out you posted here deepest, personal, artistic, inner-most thoughts on the web? Girls that age can get very "heated" about that kinda thing ya know. 8^)

Heck, I wish my poetry had ever been that good. And I pretend to be a pretty good writer.

I like the little trees she drew, too.

I agree with whomever said to leave the title out. I thought it was about a little boy she had a crush on! I like how she reveals the true meaning only at the end.

A good poem for someone her age? Bah! That's excellent prose for any age (no offense, BeerMary). As far as spelling and grammar go...there are people twice my age (25) who still haven't mastered "your" and "you're". Your daughter did very well, and it was a subject I can relate to. :) pseudo-hugs

I've always cut down two just to piss the tree huggers off, but never again! sob

That sounds like a poem I wrote about dandelions once, "Dandelions are Trees". It was the only poem I ever wrote, and it had to do with me getting upset with people who only consider dandelions (one of my favorite flowers) "weeds" - I'll have to dig it out and compare.

Very nice, Natalie.

Is it me, or do we have the next Shel Silverstein here? ;)

Oh, my, the rounded hand, the circles over the i's, the tiny little trees, I'm farklempt. A 13-year-old daughter is a wondrous creature who will alternately lift you to heaven and consign you to hell. Enjoy the ride.

who gives a crap about the spelling and grammar - she's very talented, michele. you should be (and are, i am sure) proud. you're doing a great job :)

YOur daughter rocks!

i am only 14 years old and what your daughter wrote makes poetry writers my age look really! good! ;)