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i've been diagnosed with..

Baghdad Bob Syndrome: The onset of depression, tears and an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize it's been several days since you have had a laugh at the expense of the Iraqi Information Minister.

He grew on me. Sure, it was in the way a fungus would grow on you. I thought that with a little prodding we could convince him to turn his life around. Come to the state, host a reality show or a sitcom. Register Republican. It would have been the ultimate makeover.

I miss his idealism, his cute sneer, his funny way of believing his own disinformation.

Baghdad Bob, come back!


Well, we still have Ted Rall, and Robert Fisk. gloom I'd rather have Baghdad Bob.

I knew that I had fallen down the Iraq news rabbit hole when I told a friend that I really liked 'Baghdad Bob'. I had to explain to here who he was and why I liked him. She asked if I needed an intervention for news addiction.

Please come back Baghdad Bob - we promise to believe you this time!

You'll always have Paris!

He is NOT gone. He was on TV just FIVE MINUTES AGO! I saw him MYSELF! Do not believe that he is gone. That is an infidel LIE! That is their sickness. Do not believe their lies. Bob is STILL HERE, before the microphones, telling the truth that you cannot stand to hear.

I promise.

You Yankee pig dog swines don't you realise that this is strategic retreat The holy Jihad will regroup on Sunset Boulevard. From there we will launch our bid for world domination.

I ask you this have you seen George W Bush and the Impotent One Allah Sadam in the same room?

Be advised we will become "The New Thousand Year Riech"

In The Name Of George W (Senior)

[At the risk of making a horribly rude and politically incorrect inside joke - if you have ever been there, you'll get it]

He'll always have a home on the mall in Santa Cruz.

Liars! Liars! Is Hollywood! Is make-believe!

Brave Iraqis are driving captured American tanks on every street of the capital! Criminal mercenary Americans abandoned their vehicles in terror when they saw our mighty waves of suicide bombers!

Now that our brave forces have crushed the Americans and achieved total victory, I believe I shall retire to, uh... perhaps France?

Baghdad Bob is coming to Santa Cruz!!

I am so glad that I am not alone in my love of Baghdad Bob.

I miss the nightly entertainment he provided (Even though I would lose sleep). I would tell stories about him to all and sundry at work. I'd come in and people would ask "So, what did he do last night?"

But, alas, it seems that is no more...


Baghdad Bob, eh? I've also seen people calling him "Skippy" and (my personal favorite) "Comical Ali".

I'm sure with just a little coaxing we could get this guy a spot as a middle east correspondent on Fox News. He'd fit right in!

Sadly, the welovetheiraqiinformationminister site is down. I wanted to get one of those t-shirts!

I'll miss Baghdad Bob, too. I hope he survived the war. I think he has a career in stand-up ahead of him. Anyone able to deliver those lines with a straight face has a future in comedy.

Maybe we could get him and Peter Arnett together to do a routine.

"Hussein's on First?"

"No, Hussein's dead."

He was on Celebrity Jeopardy on Jay Leno last night - pretty funny!

welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com can be found here

Check the link below

That site is funny, Really is, they sell T-shirts, underwear, mugs but the best the stories in it and the pictures montage(check the latest news and the where is he page), just great guys