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sign this!

Well, anti-war protesters sign this.

Andy had an idea and ran it by Stephen, Laurence and myself. We liked it. We decided to launch it. And now, I am going to take bets on how many people sign this petition. I take zero!

Andy said:

I'm curious if those who have opposed this war from the start are willing to tell the Iraqi people that they didn't want them to be free. So, I wrote this open letter for the anti-war crowd to sign with street-blocking, sidewalk-puking pride. Ideally, I'd like a blogger in DC or New York to print it out after a couple weeks and deliver it to the Iraqis that will represent the soon-to-be-established government in Baghdad (if interested, drop me an e-mail).

I'd like the Iraqi people, at least in some measure, to know the truth. I'm curious if the anti-war crowd will tell them.

An open Letter to the People Iraq (from the anti-war protesters).

We, the undersigned, do hereby affirm that we have been, and continue to be, against the hostilities in Iraq.

Stories of the horrors of the Baghdad regime did not sway us. Saddam Husseinís well-publicized history as a ruthless tyrant did not sway us. The possible threats from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction did not sway us. The continued disregard of numerous United Nations resolutions detailing a clear path for Iraqís return to global legitimacy did not sway us.

And now, the fighting is ending. The Coalition's victory is assured. The Iraqi people are being liberated.

Their destiny will be one of their own choosing Ė because they will finally be free to choose.

And this disappoints us to no end.

Scenes of Iraqis celebrating in the streets do not sway us. Scenes of Iraqis destroying the vestiges of Saddam Husseinís regime do not sway us. Scenes of smiling men, women, and children welcoming the American and British forces do not sway us.

Scenes of young children imprisoned for political crimes do not sway us. Scenes of torture chambers used against those who opposed Saddam do not sway us. The knowledge that this horror would have continued indefinitely with impunity without the Coalition's intervention does not sway us.

We will not be swayed.

We continue to believe this war is wrong. If our vocal minority had its way, the people of Iraq would continue to live in a state of constant fear and oppression. Saddam Hussein would still present a threat to his neighbors, to the stability of the region, and to the security of the Western world.

And thatís alright by us.

To the people of Iraq, we say the following:

We did not want this for you.

We did not want you to have a chance at directing your own future, as is the right of all mankind.

We regret your freedom, and donít you dare forget it.

Ok, all you protesters. Head over to World Wide Rant and sign that petition right away so we can send it to Iraq!


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That is SO genius.

Mike Farrell, the Hollywood anti-war goon will be on Hannity & Colmes tonight.

I'd really like to see all those peaceniks eat their words, but that's never going to happen.

Maybe I can get Mike to sign it. But, I imagine like those who have "signed" it so far, all he would do is try to change the subject.

Oh, and Michele, please edit that last sentence to say "we did NOT" - thanks, bunches. :)

They'll never be able to eat all their words. Well, maybe Michael Moore. He could eat anything.

You should use their own slogan as the title for the petition:


The peacenicks need to tell the Iraqis that freedom does not come in their names.

This is a fantastic idea, and extremely funny, and unfortunately it'll only be funny to those of us who have been more-or-less for the war all along.

No self-respecting leftie would hang their head in shame and say "oh, I was wrong, I'll sign your petition." They'll nitpick and criticize and moan and groan about how the petition is not an accurate representation of their feelings ("feelings" because they don't have "thoughts," only "feelings") and how it's not applicable to the situation, and how it's just a fascist right-winger's attempt to pigeonhole them into the position of not caring enough about the Iraqi people, etc etc etc.

Of course they SAY they care, they SAY they care till they're blue in the face from SAYING that they care, but as any thinking person realizes, SAYING you think a certain way is easily discredited by ACTING in a way that would appear to be contrary to what you're saying. This, of course, is of little to no importance to many of those on the Left. If they could have FELT the Iraqis out of oppression, they would have, gladly.

The petition brought a big smile to my face, but I quickly remembered that one of the defining characteristics of the Left is that it'll be damned before it admits that its ranting and raving and protesting and street-vomiting was all wrong.

Well, sure, you'll get zero signers. And a perfectly good and true petition will go to waste. A tragedy, and it need not be.

Why not change the rules? Let anyone sign anyone else's name to your Not In Our Name petition.

I could sign Tim Robbins, for example. Then he could protest that his name was signed Not In His Name, and explain which word in your petition he disagreed with.

Gosh, and you say that the Left perverts the truth. If you equate those against war with those who do not want to see the people of Iraq free, than you are no better than those you condemn for equating Bush with Hitler. I check this site quite often to see the other side. I comment occasionally but for the most part I just read and take the view into account. I see how day after day you accuse the "left" of propagandistic over-simplification. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but practice what you preach. It is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time. It is possible to be against war -- to disagree with our leaders while still caring about the Iraqi people. The above "petition" is an oversimplification for a number of reasons -- not the least of which is the fact that this war is (even by the Bush admin's definition) about more than freeing the Iraqi people. That idea behind that open letter is no better than the idea that all American soldiers are baby killers.

Saddam is for all intents and purposes gone and that is a wonderful thing. I hope that the U.S. occupation and the ensuing installed government is all it's cracked up to be.

I mean, you don't have to agree with the anti-war set. Getting the people of Iraq out from Hussein's thumb is a good thing -- it's the best of all you pro-war folk have stood for. But this is just inflammatory crap. It is ugly, erroneous and hatefully hypocritical. Geez, even if we anti-war folk are "wrong" in your eyes... I wonder about people who would believe that world wide rant crap. Rise above it.

geoff, i'm a self-respecting leftie who admitted in the comments to one of michele's posts yesterday that i was wrong. but, i'd rather spend my time donating to an iraqi relief fund than signing a document that will do absolutely nothing to help a single man, woman or child in iraq. i realize that you have a lot to say, but, respectfully, wouldn't more be accomplished if you put your money where your mouth is? red cross iraq response or maybe you could send your tax refund (assuming that you will receive one) with the petition?

It never fails that the 'talking heads' show up and cry 'foul'!
How many of them are protesting the killing of thousands of street kids in Rio De Janero? How many of them are protesting the millions that are dying in Africa? As they say, silence is golden.
This isn't about peace or against war, it's war being declared by the same dissidents against our form of government, and our free way of life.
Go ahead 'bub', when you've killed the goose that lays the golden egg, there won't be any hankies to hand out to dry up your tears of fear and terror that you will be bringing down on yourselves as well as the rest of the citizens of this country.

Undertoad, I think you missed my point completely.

My point wasn't HAR HAR HAR I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG U DUM LEFTIES. My point was that most people who have been opposing every phase of this war, every step of the way, are the last people to admit that the U.S. and the coalition have ultimately done the right thing. Apparently you are the exception that proves the rule.

Putting my money where my mouth is has little to do with my point. It does, however, read as a reflexive response of the "well maybe I was wrong, but you have to do something too!" variety.

Congratulations on being able to admit you were wrong-- other than that, I'm not sure what you'd like me to do. After I make my donation to the American Cancer Society, maybe I'll look into helping out with the relief in Iraq.

But if I don't, what does that make me, in your book?

Becuase it's so, so important to me.

(I mentioned the ACS because I am in fact getting some $ together to give them. Call it personal, but members of my extended family are being killed by cancer left and right, and if you want to chalk my charity up to personal selfishness, go right ahead, but that doesn't change the fact that I am giving the American Cancer Society some of my money, and like I said, after that I might look into ways to donate to the Red Cross and similar organizations. That's all.)

I would suggest that the Red Cross doesn't deserve anything more than our continued contempt. Their offices were used to hide a known terrorist and a weapons cache in Israel. Way to remain impartial, huh?

sorry geoff if i couldn't catch a snap on what you where saying. i just get so bummed that all these party labels seem to exist only in the extreme. it just seems like in one camp you're an a@@hole and in another you're a hero...no room for learning and making choices based on the information you have read on a case by case basis...you know? i think that now that it's time to get building on a new democracy then that's what we should spend our energy on--not passing around a petition that's not going to put food on tables or build new, promising cities.
i WAS wrong, and i think that everyone has to do something now...including me.

i guess that i was just frustrated because this seems to be a genuinely jubilant time for the iraqis...time to move on and not waste time on 'he said, she said' arguments. if the recent chain of events affected my learning curve, i bet it did for other leftie-types too.

and i think that giving money to ACS is great...and i hope that that your family gets a respite from that disease.

take care and have a good weekend

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I'd hit it!!!


This is so fucking stupid.

Online petitions don't work buddy.

I'm going to make a petition against online petitions.


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It took forever to come up this name. Don't use it, it's too good for you.

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