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lies, damn lies and the tin foil hat brigade

All those images you saw yesterday? They were staged. They were fake. They were arranged. They were anything but real. All the numbers you have heard are false. Those people weren't celebrating freedom, they were celebrating that the bombs stopped and those damn Yanks would go home now.

Well that's what the loony left1 is saying, anyhow.

Apparently there were really 700 or 800 coalition members killed.

Yesterday was but a media event, produced and directed by the Pentagon. Hey, the tinfoilers even took the time to diagram the whole scenario for you.

And even though the war has been "won," and the people of Iraq are so close to being free, the protesters will still go on with their April 12 demonstrations because, well, what would they be without their protests? So they have changed the theme from "No blood for oil" to "Occupation is not Liberation" and they will march against the pro-war media. Remember kids, you are nothing without a cause and a placard.

So please remember that yesterday was nothing but propaganda. Of course, this is coming from people who believe the Holocaust never happened.

Perhaps the left is so frazzled over the recent developments in Iraq and their confusion as to why the Iraqis were so nice to the troops instead of lunging at them with knives screaming "NO! Do not free us, you bastards!" that they are losing their collective mind.

I mean, just a few weeks ago, Ted Rall was saying he wouldn't support the troops because they were nothing more than hired murderers, and today is he is lamenting that they don't get paid enough. How much do you pay your hired killers, Ted?

Oh, and all those pro-war rallies around the U.S.? Yes, you got it. They were staged as well.

Then there's always the "For the Children(tm)" card to play and the tinfoilers are playing it hard, using Ali Ismaeel Abbas as their poster child for explotation, tugging at your hearstrings while turning your head away from the fact that there were 150 kids just like Ali stuffed into a prison, that kids just like Ali die every single day in Iraq, that Saddam and his regime would slice the toes off of a child and not feel a thing.

But they don't mention that. They never do. They only mention what they can use to manipulate you.

Do not click on any of the above links without wrapping your head in tin foil first. The radioactive vomit that spews forth from those sites will melt your mind if you are not careful.

This is what happens when all of your ideas are being shot full of holes. You plug up the holes with lies, half truths and make believe. The far left is bleeding out.

Here's to its death.

1 The term loony left refers not to all liberals, Democrats or even leftists as a whole, but to those who follow the path of truth as set forth by Indymedia, Democratic Undeground, Answer and the like.


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Surpised? After 10 years the same people will say that 9-11 was manufactured, that it did not happen. That Saddam was a wise and benign ruler.

We can't do much except to celebrate that these guys are very unsuccessful in their jihad against freedom and democracy.

AAAAUUUUUGGHHHH!!! You didn't say I should wear the double layered tin foil hat!!!! I only wore the 1 ply one I keep by the desk..

Owww, the conspiracy hurts!


I am sick unto DEATH of the lengths these people will go to and that they're so unwilling to believe in anything but what they're being spoonfed ...


Oh Empress, shall I commence sharpening the bamboo skewers for Ted Rall? Actually, I'd prefer to start with the Holocaust deniers, but your wish is my command...

I'm flabbergasted. These things are biting them on the a**, and they just can't fit it into their form of reality. They've been listening to Bhagdad Bob too long.

Imperial Keeper of Killer Lagomorphs

Well, everything IS a giant, vast right wing conspiracy, isn't it?

Reminds me of the college class (critical theory, I believe it was) in which I was sitting when we got news of the Berlin Wall coming down -- most of the class got somber and silent. A few started to cry, and the guy next to me started to mutter, 'It can't be.....' Not one of the bastards was excited for the liberation of an oppressed people, only upset that their dream of communism ever actually working positively, outside of a theoretical construct, had come crashing down yet again.

I wonder if they ever grew up and faced reality? Hmmm. Maybe I should go to that class reunion after all, just to find out.

Hey, does anybody else think this guy (from the "proof" presented below the picture of the square) looks like Billy Joel after a hair dye?

Oh, and the correct caption for that picture reads (in part) "An Iraqi man greets advancing U.S. Marines on the way to the center of Iraqi capital Baghdad April 9, 2003." Emphasis mine, because the tinfoilers replaced the bold phrase with "in." Makes a bit of a difference.

What's annoyed me is mainstream's media rehash of the events. They focus on the looting in Baghad (as opposed to the celebration) and only show the Coalition forces toppling the statue, not showing any Iraqi efforts to bring it down... media bias is becoming blatantly clear.

Hey! The Indymedia people edited out the part where the Kuwaiti nurse asks for their help in moving 10 MILLION DOLLARS (US) IN GOLD COINS out of the country.

And, by the way--there's a rally scheduled here today ("here" is downtown Manhattan, Wall Street area). They're expecting 60,000.

Of course, they'll all be union types: bricklayers, pipefitters, electricians, steelworkers.

You know--the guys who have been working at Ground Zero for the past 19 months.

Somehow, I don't think that the anti-war types will be well-represented.

Best line heard so far.."I wonder if Mike Ferrel is under a suicide watch"

Hehe, I liked this article: http://www.democraticunderground.com/duforum/DCForumID66/17554.html

Mmm... conspiracy.

The tin-foil hat didn't work. For that kind of garbage, I need a tin-foil suit...

Holy Moly... I cannot believe the stupidity.
It hurts to think about it..


Bah, that kind of crap is part and parcel to the very existence of the loony left. They're the same group that is convinced that Ashcroft has already set up camps for dissenters and are paranoid about people being "disappeared".

Enough of them, ignore them for now, let them stew in their own irrelevance. Whistle a happy little tune...like the Colonel Bogey March, and sing a little tune:

Ted Rall, he only has one ball,
Alterman, has two but they are small,
Chipper is somewhat similar
But Drublood, has no balls, at all.

See how much better everything is?

Indymedia would be kind of funny if people didn't take them seriously. Not just the nuts that hang out there, either. There's a guy in law school with me who is convinced that the liberation has all been staged.

All I have to say is, I sure hope I get to try a case against him someday!

Wonder what such a picture sells for nowadays?

The photo of Ali Ismaeel Abbas is beyond heartrending but also sickening is the primitive, unsanitary conditions of the hospital. This horribly injured child doesn't even have a fluid drip.

TIME magazine used a similar photo that shows the horrible conditions of the hospital in more detail...a filthy blanket, chipped rusted equipment.

One cannot help but recall that the same media refused to show the horrors in American hospitals, morgues and streets during and after the WTC attack. We couldn't bear it they said. What they meant was that it didn't serve their failed Leftist agenda.

Michele, sorry but I feel ill. I still boggles my mind the people feel that these things are all just one big propaganda machine. And to those who believe the Holocaust did not happen, Please allow me the privilege of introducing you to some members of my family. I would like you to look them in the face and tell them that what they went through wasn't real. But then they probebly wouldn't believe them either. Gods. I am so pissed off. sorry!

As a wide reader of blogs, it has been striking to me the number of blogs where Left commentators have been openly deriding what's happened.

The litany is already quite clear:

1. Iraqis aren't celebrating, they're paid off.
2. Or starving (from our sanctions).
3. Or reacting to any invading army.
4. What few showed up, mugged for the cameras, etc.
5. Wait 'til their country's a mess (just like Afghanistan), which will be our fault.
6. The Americans will now invade everywhere.
7. After we suck them dry of oil.

It really is quite startling, the basic utter lack of joy these people are exhibiting.

One is truly left bewildered: Did the America-Firsters react this way in '44 to the liberation of Paris??

I call them the SR-71 lefties.

"They're the same group that is convinced that Ashcroft has already set up camps for dissenters and are paranoid about people being 'disappeared'."

Heh. Only one answer when someone talks about the camps:

Ah, my young, insane friend, you're still here. That means that either you're wrong, or you're right but you don't matter enough for them to worry about you.

The statue demolition wasn't staged in the sense that the emotions were paid for or the people were corralled like some rent-a-mob, but naturally enough the Marines will have known the foreign press would pick up on the image of the showpiece statue falling. It was pure PR. For one thing, the military had much better things to do when taking Baghdad than hang around in the open as targets while the bad guys regrouped.

You don't need to don the tin foil hat to see that relative to the population of Baghdad, the number of people by the statue was tiny - a few hundred at the very most. Tight camera focusing obscured the fact, as this post (with pictures) from Calpundit neatly elaborates.

That aside, the BBC's Rageh Omaar reported that similar scenes of jubilation occurred right the way through large parts of Baghdad, off camera. The pictures of people ripping down the imagery of Saddam and thanking US troops were so many, and from so many sources, that only a loony could describe the phenomenon as a set-up.

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