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and now, your moment of zen

I'll leave you with this tonight. It's been a good day.

photo from AP via Fox News


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It's been an AMAZING day. A HISTORIC day. I'm so proud. And nothing the chronic nay-sayers can offer can ruin this for us. We had the courage they did not, and we did the right thing. God bless the United States of America.

oh...and God bless the Brits, too. They're pretty cool sometimes. And the Spanish. And the Aussies. And the Poles. And... crap. That's the sucky thing about all this unilateralism: too many names to remember.

i admit it, w hen i was watching the news today, i had chills and tears were running down my face.

Truly a great day. And to think, we've all been here to see both The Berlin Wall come down AND all of this! Yes, a great day indeed. I suspect sweet dreams are in my sights tonigh. Blessings all....

This has been one of the best days I have had the privledge to witness.

Great choice for a parting shot - I love this picture!

Us Americans have it so good, that when we see the Iraqi people being liberated, we stop and think about what it would feel like to be free from an evil dictator. And then we realize, that we have no clue what it would feel like. But when those first images came, of the people or Iraq cheering in the streets, free for the first time in most of their lives. We felt that warm feeling inside, the feeling of hapiness for Iraq, and pride in our troops. And we might even shed a tear, or hold one back. And then, we can only dream of how they feel. Joy beyond imagination or comprehension. And I for one, am hoping the best for Iraq. I wont forget what its like to be free my entire life, but i sure wont take it for granted.

Bring on the night, and all the wonderful dreams of freedom and change that it will bring. Today is a blissful reminder of how wonderful we truly have things here. Sure, we may not be perfect, but we're sure worth a flower or two.

And Chip Tijuana can kiss ALL our asses.

That pic is just so cool. You go, girl.

what did I miss?

Oh No! That's not a real flower! It's all staged! That man is a CIA operative made up to look like an Iraqi. After this picture was taken, that soldier proceeded to shoot the children behind her and eat them for lunch. They're occupying!! What about the Oooiiilllll???!?

{removes tinfoil hat}

Whoa....these hats are dangerous! Did I just say all that?

Damn...I never knew the Iraqi were so smooooth.

Seriously, what a great picture. I don't care if you were for or against the war, yesterday was a great day.


I wanted to be in Baghdad today. I am so sorry for the French, Hollywood, NYT, etc.

Ali Karim Bey

More Zen.

WHOOOHOOO!!! Thanks for liberating me.

Call me for a good time, soldier!

Whoa... cool. Hey, is that a female British frontline combat soldier? I didn't know they were fielding them. If so, doublepluscool.

yup, her name is Samantha.

Very touching day indeed. Sat watching the news all afternoon (UK Time) and it really touched and moved me.

wow, a cute Brit girl without horrible teeth or a huge farking nose. Sign me up.