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the parrot's house of truth and justice

Kevin Parrot rocks the hizzouse. Today he has a lengthy post on an article found on a German comics fansite: 'three questions' posed to various creators about the war in Iraq"

A sample of Kevin's wrath:

Hey, kids, stop spinning that comic rack for a sec and come join a game of 'Broad Accusations For Fun And Profit'! Here's how to play: you make damning statements about the war around a bunch of people who already agree with you, and dismiss any good which may come of it! Then, you provide a link to your own website, wherein you've taken other people's WWII poster art and 'remixed' it with basic Photoshop tools and fonts! Then, open a Cafe Press store to sell this art as if you created it all on your very own - applied to T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and calenders! Finally, you compile all this Photoshopped artwork other people did into a Poster Book for sale on Amazon.com, complete with a forward by Kurt Vonnegut (do you think he'll mention Dresden? He hardly ever mentions Dresden.)! The pictures are 'ideal for enlarging and for use at political rallies and demonstrations'! See, kids? WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS. Micah gotta eat, too!

Read the whole thing, as they say.