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a toast to history

Before I head out to my sister's all-girl and tequila birthday extravaganza lunch, to which I will bring my camera, I must tell you all my exciting news (well, it's exciting to me).

I just got an email from the Library of Congress:

Re: Command Post: The Library has selected your site for inclusion in the historic collection of the 2003 War on Iraq Internet materials. The Library requests your permission to collect your website. Our plan is to engage the Internet Archive, on behalf of the Library of Congress, to collect content from your website at regular intervals during the War. The Library will make this collection available to researchers onsite at Library facilities. The Library also wishes to make the collection available to offsite researchers by hosting the collection on the Library's public access website. The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving Web materials about the War and permitting researchers from across the world to access them.

Of course we do.

One of the many toasts I will make at lunch today will be for the contributors and readers of Command Post.

I will also make one for the people of Iraq and another for the soldiers in Iraq.

Oh yes, and to my sister on her birthday, which is why we are drinking in the first place.


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Welcome to the club. I look forward to knocking back some shots with you at the reception.

Well THAT is hella cool! Congratulations! And happy birthday to your sister!

Holy cow! Rock on! Congratulations :)

Congratu-freakin-lations, Your Imperial Empressness!

OH MY GOD Michele!! That's so great!!!! Congrats to all of you, You guys rock, and you're WAY better than CNN!

Wow! You're going down in history!

I see it pays to be all bloodthirsty then you A1 Warhawk, you.

That is amazing! And so worthy...thanks. It has been MY main link to what's happening throughout this whole conflict and I am better informed than anyone I know because if it. And me without television, heh! Here, here!

Congratulations! How exciting!

Congratulations! What a great honour.

Congrats......years from now people will able to look at all the hard work all of you have done. While they will be able to read about it, future generations will not be able to feel the joy and jubilation that many are celebrating today.

It reminds me of pictures of at the end of WWII, I can see the people celebrating, now I know a little bit how they feel.

This site was a big part of that.......

Hope nobody said anything in the comments that could be held against them in a future presidential election! :)

Could I be any more jealous?

That was my Chandler Bing impression, if you hadn't noticed.

Congratulations... That's great. I also agree with SondraK. I have been more well-informed as to the happenings in the war, in part due to your efforts.

Wow! Excellent work, and congrats, Michele!

Wow, History being made all over today. Congrats to everyone at Command Post, and especially to you, Michele. It was your call. :)

A tip of the hat in your direction!

That's quite an honor, and well-deserved on the part of everyone involved.

You have every right to beam and be proud of that.

I wish I could travel to the LOC and spend a month there, just absorbing history. If I ever get to go, the archives of the Command Post will be one of the first things I look up.

See, everyone keeps saying you rock for a reason.

I'm more than impressed. All your contributors, everyone involved, have made the war much more understandable and accessible. YOU ROCK! I'm just so in awe - I'll have a tequila shot this weekend in YOUR honor!! And, HBD to your sister. Do the smarts run in the family?

Hell, I'm surprised that the Library of Congress is aware enough to recognize the brilliance of The Command Post.

Usually government entities aren't that perceptive.

Or that swift.

Congratulations. Out-effing-standing.

Wonderful, Michele. Well-deserved success. A hearty yeeeehaaaaa from redneck country.

What an honor! You should be so proud, and rightfully so!

Holy Contributing to the Eradication of Ignorance Batman!

Congratulations Michele!

And to think we knew you when. That is Cool beyond words.

Truly, this is a worthy recognition of your work. Congratulations!!

As someone who was once a frequent patron of the LOC, I think it's fair to say you'll be raising the average quality of their collection. Congrats: now you're immortal!

WOW! That's so cool!

Good job Michele...You deserve it.

Way cool... I was hoping to get a pop-up book, but a partial credit on a weblog will do. ;)


Hooray! A much deserved honor to you, Michele! I've been reading Command Post almost from the first. It is my first and last visit on the Net each day (and sometimes into the night!) Keep up the good work!

Congratulations! That's awesome.

Hey! Congratulations!!! Very well deserved too! Toast yourself a couple times from me! !

I actually SQUEALED with delight when I read this. Congratulations! :)

wow, that is too cool! I had no idea the library of congress even collected websites. does this mean your famous now? and if so, can i makeout with you or at least get an autograph? :)

Congrats! Well deserved I will toast you with not 1, not 2, not even 3 gin and tonics, but 4!!!! (Actually, I probably would drink this much normally, but it's always nice to have a reason so's I don't look like a problem drinker).

That is great!

(and I hope the tequila was mighty fine!)


Kudo's to you and all the contributors at Command Post, Michele! Just think....you're all kinda immortal now!

Awesome! That is soooo cool! And so appropriate. You were so busy doing the right thing, watching and logging, you didn't realize you were becoming part of history in the process.

A Big Victory?

Congratulations... you guys have been the best!

Hey, didn't you know it's illegal to bring a camera to a tequila party? But I still want to see the pictures.

Major league, lady, you are way major league! Congrats amundo!

1. Shit yes! That is some recognition! Imagine, all those writings preserved for years to come. 20 years from now, schoolchildren will be looking that stuff up for research papers. Command Post forever!

2. Drink some tequila for me. I can't stand the stuff. Happy Birthday to your sister. Get some hot pictures for your site. I'll drink a PBR in her honor tonight. Or two, or three... or more.


As someone else said, I learned more about the war fron C-P than from anywhere elsE.

Thanks again, and congratulations.


But we still didn't get a hat tip from The Guardian. Workin on it thoiugh...

One more voice in the crowd: congratulations!

Cool! Congratulations!

Congratulations! That's certainly something to be proud of. Any idea what company you're going to be among?

Tim Blair's blog gets archived as well by a similar department in Australia. Congrats !

Congrats! And Happy Birthday to your sister.

congratulations :-)