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Hideki Matsui!


Come on, say it....Hideki Matsui!

Sounds like an exclamation of joy. A shout of suprise and glee. Go, go Godzilla!

I dare anyone to come up with a limerick with the name Matsui (Mott-soo-eee).

Triple dog dare you.

Oh, and big shouts out to the Big East basketball conference where Syracuse took the NCAA title, St. John's the NIT title and UConn the women's NCAA title.


The Yankee Hideki Matsui
A name that is admittedly screwy
Helped his team to a win
By grand slamming the Twins
He then went and ate a big plate of chop suey

There once was a man named Matsui
Who drove all the women quite loony
He had a great arm
But that wasn’t his charm
‘Twas his tight ass that made them all gooey!

Ok, you asked for it.

There once was a lad named Matsui
A huge fan of Luke, Han and Chewie
When he'd rent Star Wars
He'd crap in his drawers
And his sofa thus smelled quite pooey

Damn you, Dave! Damn you!

Matsui, the Japanese Yankee
Had a penis that was exceptionally lanky
He had no need for a bat
With a long wang like that
But grand slams hurt him so much, he got cranky

There once was a man named Matsui.
Whose English was very screwy.
I wonder quite frankly
Because he's a Yankee
Is that why he knelt down and blew me?

Syracuse definitely deserves the "Big XII Champs" crown!

It's the fifth and Matsui is hitless
He has yet no homers to witness
Then bases were juiced
And all hell broke loose
When Hideki hit the ball sh-tless

You're right about the Big East deserving the mad props. First the Johnnies at the NIT (hope Hatten stays though); next up The CUSE REFUSE TO LOSE at the Big Dance (hope Carmelo stays too). Then the UCONN women did their thing for good measure! 

And if that's not enough the Yanks win their home opener despite an Iraqi invasion. Oh and just when you think they couldn't fit any more history into their already overstuffed volumes of history, Matsui "Tattooies" became the first rookie to hit a grand slam home run in the first game of the season to be played in "The Stadium". Ya he's 28, but still...

Now we just need to get the Rangers, Islanders and Knicks fixed! Michele can you get on that. (And get Buhner back too?)

What a week all in all though...too bad I am stuck in Nebraska.

That ball player "Go-Go" Matsui
Helps his Yankee teammate's spirits buoy.
When his swing power hot,
Like the "Sultan of Swat,"
Lifts a ball like a fast rising Hughey.

I hear baseball gets Michele all gooey
She watches the games yelling ooo Wee
When the Yankees are steamin
She really starts screamin
Her latest heart throb is Matsui

Joe May thought Godzilla a story
A walk, then 3-2, and his glory
But Soon to be myth,
One out in the fifth
Matsui, four runs, Joe's sure sorry

check that about the islanders in my earlier post...they just beat ottawa--the magic week continues!